Scoutbee joins World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community


Scoutbee joins World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community

We are delighted to announce that Scoutbee has been invited to join the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community – an invitation-only group of the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups with cutting edge business models and operating with new technologies. We will collaborate with a focus on the future of advanced manufacturing and production.

Disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic have shown that the ability to make a rapid response to a supply challenge is critical. Procurement as a business process is disproportionately responsible for an organization’s competitiveness, and to protect revenues and market share, companies must find ways to optimize costs, drive innovation and raise resilience.

For example, the manufacturing sector today faces a raft of tests including greater regulation, shorter product life cycles, macroeconomic influences and the need to embrace sustainability. Scoutbee was created as an AI-driven technology to actively transform supply challenges into opportunities.

Scoutbee’s mission is to establish and strengthen successful supply-demand partnerships by organizing the world’s supply chain information and making it easily accessible and useful – hence, there are clear synergies with the WEF Global Innovator’s Community’s role to drive positive economic and societal impact.

Gregor Stühler, Co-founder & CEO of Scoutbee, said, “We are proud to join this community of innovative and effective organizations. The potential for new high-tech business and industrial models to deliver widespread positive change is very exciting. Optimizations in supply chains is a strong example of how peoples of the world and our planet itself can benefit. It’s never been so important for policy-makers, academics, business leaders and platforms like Scoutbee to work to prioritize areas of collaborative impact.”

Aiming to shape the future of advanced manufacturing and production

New technologies can help transform the world of production, enabling more efficient processes and creating new value for industry, society and the environment. The Global Innovators Community evaluates and proposes pilots, examines the latest approaches in skills development, drives improvements in partnerships and informs business model transformations and next generation industrial development strategies.

“The World Economic Forum is delighted to welcome Scoutbee in our Global Innovators community,” said Francisco Betti, Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Production at the World Economic Forum. “Including new, innovative voices is essential in the work we do at the Forum. We look forward to incorporating Scoutbee’s expertise in our initiatives, dialogues and platforms. Scoutbee offers a fresh perspective to transform the way organizations discover and connect with suppliers, by providing technology that allows for a transparent and comprehensive view of supplier networks.

In its work, Scoutbee supports multi-national clients across diverse industries including machinery & engineering, automotive, FMCG, chemical, oil & gas and pharma. The Scoutbee platform delivers valuable visibility over suppliers and reliable, comprehensive insights on their capabilities. 

In 2020, Gartner’s ‘Supply Chain Disruption Management and Impact Survey’ found that 97% of the 585 respondents reported that their supply chain organization has faced some type of disruptive event over the past two years, with supply shifts being one of the top three cited disruptions. When asked which events were most impactful from a financial and/or operational perspective, supply shifts were the second most chosen disruptive event after technology shifts (excluding COVID-19).

Digital solutions for processes like procurement can be instrumental for success in boosting capabilities for organization-wide innovation, cost reduction and cash flow benefits, greater risk reduction and resilience, and meeting sustainability goals. 

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