Scoutbee launches free Covid-19 Supply Support Service


Scoutbee launches free Covid-19 Supply Support Service

Scoutbee offers its AI-powered platform for emergency supplier searches for key items such as surgical masks, hazmat suits, swabs and tubes etc. We aim to support as many relevant organizations as possible.

In response to the global challenges of the coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic, Scoutbee today launched an online service that provides free help to organizations performing emergency sourcing of critically needed medical equipment and supplies including surgical masks, hazmat suits, swabs and tubes etc.

From today until 30 April, organizations (such as NGOs, public bodies, local and national governments and healthcare providers) struggling to source urgently needed supplies can make a request for our AI powered supplier search at The platform uses a real time analysis of terabytes of global supply chain data to significantly speed up the RFP-process. This will help the organizations in need to find suppliers 75% faster while keeping resources for the search low.

Gregor Stűhler, Co-founder and Managing Director of Scoutbee, said, “Scoutbee has a specific capability for rapid global supplier discovery. When coronavirus began to cause pharma and medical supply shortages, we knew we should help. The team built a simple tool in only 48hrs so organizations with great need can gain rapid access to our supplier insights, in order to help with shortages of critical supplies.”

NGOs and Public Organizations can utilize Scoutbee without charge to find back-up suppliers to cover core category demands by doing the following:

  1. Visit
  2. Select a product from a continually updated selection of categories. (If a product is not on the list, please use the contact form to request it)
  3. Complete the form with contact details
  4. Within 48 hours Scoutbee will provide access details to its platform and next steps
  5. Get in touch with pre-qualified suppliers
  6. Share this information with others in need of the same support

The coronavirus situation worldwide has become a clear example of how AI can help deliver information to those in need rapidly. Digital scouting technology can support organizations in the following ways:

  • AI-driven data collection delivers the widest range view on suppliers at high speed
  • Stronger decision making about supply options with unified data
  • Rapid collaboration with suppliers on a digital platform
  • More time for the really important tasks

Scoutbee’s smart procurement technology is most often utilized by major multinationals including Audi, Airbus, Caterpillar and Bosch, as well as 90+ other companies worldwide, to provide them more confident strategic sourcing and purchasing decisions.

We thank our customers, staff and investors for their continued trust and commitment to the work of Scoutbee. Together in our communities, we will overcome the challenge of COVID19.