Scoutbee partners with Proudfoot to help companies digitize and transform their procurement


Scoutbee partners with Proudfoot to help companies digitize and transform their procurement

Worldwide partnership targets companies in engineering, automotive & assembly, manufacturing, healthcare, energy & utilities, natural resources, chemicals, and pharma.

Today we are proud to announce a new partnership with Proudfoot, the leading operational management consulting firm, in a combined initiative aimed at driving digital transformation for companies tackling procurement and supply chain challenges. Together we will combine Proudfoot’s strategic advice and support with Scoutbee’s solutions to address complex procurement challenges.

Proudfoot are specialists in the design and implementation of operational and digital transformation. For almost 8 decades, the company has enhanced organizations across a range of industries worldwide through a focus on people and operational and digital transformation. To date, Proudfoot has worked with more than one million leaders and delivered over 30,000 client assessments.

Our collaboration with Proudfoot comes at an opportune time for many organizations now seeking with urgency to reassess, diversify and strengthen their supply chains for the future. For example, given the context of recent COVID-19 supply chain disruptions, most companies will explore alternatives for shortening their supply chains and reshoring, pay greater attention to second sourcing and options for domestic supply chains.

Gregor Stűhler, Co-founder and Managing Director of Scoutbee, said, “We are excited to launch a strong and productive partnership with Proudfoot that will benefit many organizations. For too many, supplier discovery and onboarding as a process remains under analyzed and under digitized. We see from our customers’ results that the top line impacts of Scoutbee can be remarkable – not only spanning cost reduction and efficiencies, but also risk mitigation, time to market, product innovation and sustainability gains.” 

Pamela Hackett, CEO at Proudfoot, added, “For 8 decades, we have worked with procurement leaders and their teams to become a critical driver of value to their businesses. This partnership with Scoutbee reinforces the Proudfoot belief that ‘great things happen at the intersection of people and technology’. Lasting competitive advantage comes from the ability of people to apply technology to create greater and new business value. Today, as organizations accelerate their digital transformations, and as the COVID-19 pandemic has tested the supply chain resilience of companies across the globe, putting pressure on procurement and prioritizing the need to repatriate sourcing, this is more relevant than ever; balancing digital and operational solutions to maximize value. Humanize. Optimize. Digitize. A roadmap to release cash at speed, reduce costs and grow. The Proudfoot and Scoutbee alliance enables this for our clients; I couldn’t be more excited.”    

Scoutbee’s AI offers a unique capability for rapid global supplier discovery. Traditional manual practices of using databases and online searches in a vacuum often means procurement teams have low visibility over what proportion of suppliers they know about, and the suppliers’ level of quality or experience. Scoutbee uses advanced algorithms to bring together 360degree supplier data with deep insights and an efficient, digital RFP process for strategic sourcing – all within the platform.

Proudfoot is a global expert in business and operations improvement. The hands-on Proudfoot methodology integrates a unique know-how in digital and operations transformation to provide proven solutions, innovative insights and lasting positive change for clients.  Proudfoot delivers measurable, guaranteed results and brings certainty to leaders in the execution of business plans and strategies, engaging teams in improving the organization’s total ecosystem; the operating models, business processes, management practices and digital tools that create greater value. A Proudfoot engagement builds capability, changing behaviours to ensure sustainable results. By doing so, Proudfoot and their clients mitigate the risk associated with transformation and ensure the realization of tangible, operational and P&L benefits, while changing cultures for the better.  

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