Customer stories: How digital supplier scouting enables sourcing teams to transform results


Customer stories: How digital supplier scouting enables sourcing teams to transform results

Hundreds of scoutbee customers have seen remarkable results in discovering optimal suppliers in a record time with our digital supplier scouting platform. 

AI-driven supplier discovery and insights can enable sourcing teams to truly shine, free up time for valuable tasks like supplier collaborations and negotiations, and above all ensure all decisions are made on the basis of robust information.

Armed with enhanced supplier landscape visibility and the resultant ‘information advantage’, procurement teams can be empowered to unlock new areas of value, while keeping downstream transactional activities seamless and efficient. Released from traditional manual searches, the focus of procurement can be on collaborating with a network of external partners to create new, innovative products and business models. 

Using scoutbee´s structured scout-to-source process and Streamline solution enables procurement teams to achieve goals much faster than with traditional manual scouting. With robust, verified supplier market information, companies can identify fruitful new supplier options, and the progress and impacts of their strategic sourcing can be transformed. Here some reasons why Streamline is proving so popular:

  • Identify new suppliers and secure valuable alternative sources to mitigate risks
    Up to 50% more suppliers 180 times faster
  • Search the global supplier market for relevant suppliers and identify potential savings
    Up to 70% lower supply prices
  • Increase the efficiency of your team by saving up to 150 hours of manual work
    Up to 85% less working hours

Here are a few extracts from our recent customer success stories. Do download the full documents to access all the KPIs. 

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Services scouting for assembly and maintenance work for voltage lines

TASK: Netze BW, a division of EnBW, asked scoutbee to search for long-term partners to deliver assembly and maintenance work on high and medium voltage lines, who meet their high quality standards. The company planned to become more strategically involved in the individual trades business, and ensure that the technical planning shall be carried out by Netze BW.

RESULT: Within 35 days, a multi-regional scouting program generated 15 new optimal supplier contacts from previously unknown suppliers. In total, using a scout-to-source process with scoutbee required only eleven hours of human resource time.

How did scoutbee achieve this massive time reduction? More facts & figures here:
Case Study Netze BW English
Case Study Netze BW Deutsch

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Manufacturer of aluminum suspensions found new suppliers for forged suspension arms with scoutbee’s Streamline

TASK: The Neuman Group team was looking for a long-term strategic partner in aluminum forgings, especially forged suspension arms, to be supplied by Neuman for OEMs. The supplier would need to provide excellent quality, competitive pricing combined with flexible delivery and competitive payment terms.

RESULT: In total, 3 optimal suppliers were identified, meaning that scoutbee’s digital supplier discovery had revealed three times more options than the client expected. Within a very short time frame, Neuman Group has benefited from increased visibility of their supplier landscape.

How was scoutbee able to identify four times more suppliers than expected? Read more in our Case Study here:
Case Study Neuman Aluminium English
Case Study Neuman Aluminium Deutsch

Streamline uses terabytes of supply chain data to fast-track your supplier scouting to a few hours. Want to see scoutbee in action? Explore our product tour and see how Streamline can transform your supplier discovery and insights, here

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