From Reactive to Proactive: Changing the Role of Procurement


From Reactive to Proactive: Changing the Role of Procurement

Christoph Kaiser, scoutbee’s Director of Business Development, describes why the way procurement works nowadays needs to fundamentally change. Disrupted supply chains, shortages of raw materials, and the impact of the pandemic make it more important than ever to shift to a proactive, digital way of doing strategic scouting.

From Reactive to Proactive: Changing the Role of Procurement - photo 1Christoph Kaiser has been with scoutbee for three years and has been responsible for key customers from the automotive, manufacturing, and energy sectors since 2021. Before joining scoutbee, he worked for 10 years in various purchasing roles in mechanical engineering and drive technology at WITTENSTEIN SE. In particular, his work as purchasing manager for indirect materials, and his project purchasing responsibility for eMobility, enabled him to gain extensive procurement know-how, which today helps him to proactively pursue the digitalization of customers’ purchasing departments. When it comes to face-to-face contact with companies, few people know better what procurement strategies businesses should adopt.

“Procurement should increase its focus on value creation and enabling strategic choices.”
Christoph Kaiser, Director of Business Development, scoutbee

Last month, Christoph was invited to present his latest insights to an audience of leading procurement experts at the SCOPE Virtual Supply Chain Summit 2021 in London. In his presentation, “From reactive to proactive – How to grow profitability by using AI-driven data insights for strategic sourcing”, he outlined that there are two different, fundamental challenges for strategic sourcing:

Bad Data Foundation

  • Not up-to-date
  • Incomplete and “dirty” supply data
  • Spread across systems and tools

Slow, manual, reactive supplier search

  • Supplier discovery is often manual
  • Untransparent and time consuming
  • Challenging to identify and verify new suppliers in other parts of the world

The most important insights:

  1. The focus, pace, and role of procurement is changing. With better data, procurement can plan and act proactively – and make better decisions.
  2. More investment is needed to speed up the digitalization of strategic sourcing.
  3. Using AI to leverage supplier data and searches leads to more innovation, increased resilience, and better corporate sustainability.

“The pace, pressure and importance of procurement, with a focus on strategic sourcing, is increasing.”
Christoph Kaiser, Director of Business Development, scoutbee

Do you have reactive or proactive cooperation with your suppliers? Do you have the data and insights to act faster and smarter? scoutbee helps companies to achieve a competitive advantage by creating more – and strategically better – choices of suppliers in much less time. Learn what other companies do, and how the digitalization of data leveraged with AI and machine learning can improve your bottom line.

Watch the video from the SCOPE Virtual Supply Chain Summit 2021 -> here.