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Getting to know… Anne Kadler, Office Manager Berlin


Getting to know… Anne Kadler, Office Manager Berlin

Our bees make scoutbee a special, vibrant company. While having different backgrounds and personalities, every colleague has a passion for their field of work and our collective mission. This month, we talk to Anne Kadler, Office Manager Berlin.

Anne is the first to enter the office every morning. She makes sure the coffee machines are working, sometimes even has special goodies on her reception desk. It’s more a question of what Anne doesn’t actually do!

What is a typical day at scoutbee like for you?

All the daily fun of working in an office! Orders, ideas for new set ups, decorations, keeping things tidy, phone calls, emails, all the challenges regarding facilities and security, joking around with colleagues, having nice chats and coffee, eating all the candy I have in my stash, thinking about new ideas for parties. Being part of OM is a really great job.

Getting to know… Anne Kadler, Office Manager Berlin - photo 1

In addition, Anne always tries to make the bees’ working day as pleasant as possible. On top of her “business as usual”, she furnished the terrace in the summer and organized barbecues and cocktail evenings.

Getting to know… Anne Kadler, Office Manager Berlin - photo 2

What challenges do you face and how do you deal with these?

“I guess my biggest challenge is to make sure all the bees feel good at the office, that they have everything they need to work, have fun, be happy, and feel welcome and safe here.”

What makes working at scoutbee special for you?

Definitely the team. It’s all about people when it comes to my role. The most important thing is the atmosphere in the office, and the team. One I can create and the other just fits.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing at scoutbee? 

I guess bringing as many bees as possible back to the beehive and some surprises and secret projects. Creating a great work environment and helping to create a culture at scoutbee that invites everyone to join the company and stay here. I guess I make everyone super happy with my warm and welcoming “Berliner Schnauze”* (I’ll work on that ;)).
* Real Berliners are said to have a very rough and cheeky way of communicating. The locals call this “Berliner Schnauze” (Berlin snout). What sounds unpleasant at first is, at second glance, just the cool attitude that inhabitants of all capital cities actually have. Tough but cordial.

What’s the best or most enjoyable part of your work? 

The daily meet-ups with colleagues, to see them happy and find out if they like the things I’ve already done and everything that’s yet to happen. Coming up with all the fun and creative ideas with my teammate, Nadine. Finding ways to make the office cooler. No two days are the same and there are also new challenges all the time.

What favor could your colleagues do for you to make your work even better?

Just enjoy the office as much as they already do and be careful around the office and the set ups.

Getting to know… Anne Kadler, Office Manager Berlin - photo 3

When Anne is not looking after the well-being of our bees, her heart burns for American football, for the Berlin Rebels. Since 2015, there has probably been no bigger fan. And not only that – she is the Team Manager of the GFL Senior Team and responsible for the social media and website for the entire club. She actually IS the club (wink). If you start talking with her about this sport, you’ll see her face breaking into a lovely smile.

Any office would be lucky to have someone like her as an office manager, as the soul of the company, the rock of the office, and the manager of just about everything important in the day-to-day running of the office.

Anne joined scoutbee in February 2021.  Before that, she worked as an office manager for Wooga, Trifacta and Huuuge Games. She is a trained event manager (she managed a famous hip hop club in Berlin), but has been working as an office manager for 5 years now.

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