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Getting to know ... Elman Hüseynov


Getting to know ... Elman Hüseynov

Our bees are what makes scoutbee a special and vibrant company. While having different backgrounds and personalities, every colleague has a passion for their field of work and our collective mission. This month, we talk to Elman Hüseynov, one of our great Frontend Developers

What does a typical day at scoutbee involve for you?

Due to the current global circumstances, our teams have the flexibility to work either from an office or from home. Recently, I was in the office only three times: the first time during a photo session, the second for my birthday, and recently at the farewell event of one of our former employees. The rest of the time I work from home, spending time on many calls through Zoom – working with colleagues to explore and solve customer challenges and requirements, as well as writing the code with which we solve ambitious tasks.

What challenges do you face and how do you deal with these?

Moving to another country with a different language, culture and mentality, leaving behind my home, family and people close to me is already a great challenge that I have thrown myself into – for which I have been preparing all my life, understanding the consequences. Naturally, as a result of this, everyday challenges arise in terms of adaptation to the country, language, and new order.

Taking into account the specifics of my work, every day we are faced with requirements that demand from us the most clear, but at the same time long-term and automated solutions. 

Our task is to work on ourselves every day, to help not only ourselves but also our colleagues get better and make our product as simple and convenient as possible for the end user. And I hope that my work helps to achieve this goal.

What makes working at scoutbee special for you?

PEOPLE. If you work in a supportive team, where you can rely on each other, and solve problems together despite different challenges, that team can do a lot. From the first day in the company, I met people who continue to do everything possible to help me adapt as quickly as possible in a new environment and be an integral part of this wonderful team. I work in an international team, and having the opportunity to get to know the culture of people from different countries, their traditions, as well as represent my country and tell people more about Azerbaijan (which is small but at the same time a wonderful country) makes me happy every day. This is critically important for me, because I love my homeland very much, and I am proud that I am an Azerbaijani.

What are you and your team looking forward to accomplishing at scoutbee? 

“Our task is to develop the most simple system with a clear interface and fast logic that will help automate many processes.

This is our main goal and what we want to achieve and what we are moving towards every day, persistently overcoming various obstacles. On top of that, I can see that scoutbee is working hard to be a more people-first company with improved diversity and inclusion culture. I would also like the product that I and my team are developing to be an example of success among other products of my company, so that we can also share our experience and success story in the future.

What’s the best or most enjoyable part of the work your team does? 

Every part is enjoyable. Since joining the company, my team has changed, some people have been replaced by others. However, one thing has remained unchanged: our attitude and passion for our job. We take every detail very seriously. We do not stop, but improve every day, and share experiences with each other. Our team and our managers consist of people who are willing to learn, share their experience, provide the freedom to take responsibility and make a decision. Moreover, we as a team can rely on each other, which is crucial. This helps us to achieve our goals.

We heard that your migration to Germany was a bit of an adventure? Tell us more about it…

My hiring process lasted about three months from September to the end of November 2020 and was completed in just three stages, which was great considering today’s experience of hiring employees in some companies, where often the hiring process takes up to six months with an endless number of interview stages. Still, it was a very historical moment for me. Just at this time, due to security and legal measures in the country, all leading Internet resources were temporarily blocked. It was impossible neither to check Gmail, nor to call on Zoom, access was almost completely blocked.

In addition to this, we must not forget the global situation with the pandemic, due to which the embassies, which until that time had not worked for a long time, only partially resumed their work. However, they could theoretically close again at any time, and postpone consideration of documents for several months. Moreover, as I’m working as a Software Engineer without having a Computer science Bachelor Degree (my BS is Marketing), there was also a risk of not getting a visa at all!

I am very glad that despite all of the above mentioned, the company did not give up and did the best that could be done for me. To be fair, I would also like to note that at that time I had one more offer from another company in Berlin as well, but the confidence of my colleagues from scoutbee and their passion made me clearly decide which place of work I should choose. So I don’t regret for a second that I chose scoutbee, and I’m very happy to be here. One thing I was less grateful for was that in Germany itself, it was not easy to sit in quarantine for the first 14 days without leaving your home. 😊

Elman joined scoutbee from Azerbaijan as a Frontend Developer in December 2020. He has a university degree in Economics and Marketing. It took about five years to gain experience and education through internships working as a freelancer and remote developer from Baku, which helped Elman overcome any obstacles and move to Berlin.

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