Inside the Beehive
Adapting, growing and continuing to hire - Join our beehive and be part of our success story!


Adapting, growing and continuing to hire - Join our beehive and be part of our success story!

Sadly, the COVID outbreak has really shown how delicate the world of work can be, with many organizations needing to resort to drastic measures, such as furloughing and short time work to protect their organizations in the long run – our thoughts go out to those affected and impacted by this. 

At the same time we are thankful, here at scoutbee, that the demand for our products and services is increasing, that we are continuing to grow and that we are able to hunt for even more bees to join our hive.    

We are also super proud that our team has been able to put their efforts into supporting those in need during the crisis by offering Governments and NGOs free access to our platform to procure urgently needed medical equipment and consumables, such as surgical masks or protective equipment

As we come out of this crisis we will be coming out into a new world, one where digitization is the norm and supply chains need to be rebuilt. Our customers, both existing and new, have been working with us to ensure that they can deliver great quality products and that there is as little disruption to everyday life as possible.

Although the trajectory for scoutbee is looking exciting and full of potential, we are also feeling the impact of the lockdown in our beehive. Gone are the trips to the other offices, the team gatherings and the chance meetings and in-depth discussions in the kitchen. The sales team are currently unable to travel to customers or attend trade fairs or events. Instead, we are all working remotely and encouraging all our bees to stay home and safe. 

In some ways, going fully remote was not too much of a challenge for most of our bees, as we already operated across different locations and all our processes are digital and data is stored in the cloud. In other ways, going fully remote was tough. Yes, we see each other on Zoom all day, but it can’t beat the lunch time discussions in the chill area. To stay in touch we have introduced Donut, a slack add-on that randomly pairs our bees for a coffee date, and on Fridays we have Bier@4. And of course we have also adapted our recruitment and onboarding process.

Undoubtedly, the people in our beehive are our driving force. All our bees are motivated by a myriad of things – the engineering and product teams are passionate to build the best platform, our sales people are always searching for new customers to help, and the administration team makes sure that processes run smoothly and employees can not only do their job, but also enjoy their #beehivelife. We all share the vision to grow scoutbee and make the company even better!

Join our journey and be part of our beehive! Find all open positions here.

Our people are our first priority.
To thrive in changing times, we have adapted.

100% online video interviews

Yes, we believe that a personal interview is the best way to get to know each other. In normal times this is actually indispensable. However, as these are not normal times, both yours and our health is priority. That’s why all our current job interviews take place online. To get to know each other as best as possible we use Zoom video meetings. As we already search around the globe, we were already pretty well acquainted with Zoom even before Covid-19, but since then we have switched to it 100%.

Unusual circumstances – unusual happenings

Everyone at scoutbee is currently working from home, so funny situations can often arise. We have been fortunate enough to meet so many kids and pets, with the children of our Head of Data Science also attending their meeting or the cat of one of our developers walking right across the picture. We take it with humour and are happy to experience other sides of our bees. So don’t worry if during your interview we suddenly hear your child giggling or someone unexpectedly appears in the video.

Flexible interview times

These are difficult times for all of us. It happens again and again that unexpected appointments arise that cannot be postponed or that you have to step in at short notice to take care of a child or loved one. As we all feel the same, we fully understand if appointments are postponed or cancelled at short notice. Even unusual interview times, like early in the morning or late in the evening are not a problem for us. All you have to do is contact our scoutbee recruiting team and we will arrange a convenient time to meet.

Join from where you are and relocate later

Moving to or within Germany is currently only possible to a limited extent and involves many risks and we also do not know for sure how long the situation will continue. Since all of our bees work from home anyway, it is no problem if you start from where you currently live. You can then move to Berlin or Würzburg as soon as possible. As we have moved our onboarding to be fully remote, prior to your first day, your IT equipment will be sent to you and we are also able to support you with questions about your contract, payroll and health insurance. Of course this is a challenging task, but we have already refined this successfully with our NewBees in recent months – for example, one of our Account Executives remains based in Ireland, or a new Developer who has started in Nigeria.

Get to know our beehive remotely

We have been working fully remote since mid-March, and our onboarding fully remote since April. Last month we onboarded eleven NewBees from around the world. We know the onboarding experience is such an important part of their life in our hive and for us it is important that they feel happy and welcomed from the very first second. During the first two days our NewBees have onboarding meetings with all divisions and get to know the different teams and our product. Following the company onboarding, the bees move out to learn more about their team and the new role.  To support our NewBees we also have a buddy system in place and through regular Donut coffee breaks you get to know better the other bees in our hive.

If you’d like to join the team, get in touch about our open positions today!