Scoutbee and NGOs: delivering essential goods to Ukraine


Scoutbee and NGOs: delivering essential goods to Ukraine

Ever since the Russian attack on Ukraine made international news headlines, the Scoutbee team has been striving to support the people and companies affected by the war. Our actions build on the knowledge we gained from the crisis support we offered during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of our most recent initiatives was joining Procure4Peace*, a non-profit enabling the global procurement community to source and supply the necessary help for Ukraine. Scoutbee quickly scouted providers for 31 supply demands including surgical components, thermal blankets, tourniquets, military first aid kits, pasta, rice, baby food jars/bottles, milk and milk powder, sugar, cooking oil, and many other essential items for those impacted by these unprovoked acts of war.

“Scoutbee collaborated intensively with Beroe and the Procure4Peace team to respond to the Ukraine crisis. The openness and transparency introduced by the Scoutbee team was refreshing, and critical in providing Ukraine with an important supply channel when most needed,” said Lance Younger, ProcureTech CEO and founder.

Powered by Scoutbee’s SaaS-solution for procurement, which uses AI and Scoutbee’s knowledge graph to quickly identify and onboard suitable suppliers from all over the world, the Scoutbee team came up with a long supplier list. These suppliers were then validated by Beroe, showcasing how collaboration and solidarity can go a long way, especially in difficult times.

Gregor Stühler, our co-founder and CEO commented: “Scoutbee is a market leader in global supplier discovery. We’ve proven that we can scout suppliers 75% faster than traditional methods. What better way to put this to use if not to support the people in Ukraine?”

A procurement ecosystem to further support Ukraine

To discuss how organizations such as Scoutbee are responding to the Ukraine crisis, on June 28 (3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. CEST), senior representatives from involved organizations are getting together for a webinar to cover how the rapid activation of networks, multi-sectoral collaboration, and innovative use of technology have been key in assisting Ukraine get through this crisis.

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In the webinar, expert panelists will share lessons learnt over these past few months and discuss ways the procurement community can continue helping Ukraine, while building resilience in their own businesses. Gregor Stühler will address how Scoutbee has been helping with supplier discovery and intelligence to facilitate the flow of required goods in Ukraine. Click here to check out who the other panelists are and to register for the webinar.


* is maintained by ProcureTech, Sievo, and a growing number of volunteers. The ProcureTech platform is the one place that unites and energizes the whole digital procurement ecosystem to build the future of procurement. ProcureTech catalyzes digital procurement transformation through its proprietary platform of procurement solutions, intelligence, approaches, and experts.