Scoutbee Announces Roger D. Blumberg as New Senior Vice President of Global Marketing


Scoutbee Announces Roger D. Blumberg as New Senior Vice President of Global Marketing

Scoutbee is proud to announce that Roger D. Blumberg has joined the team as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. Roger joins as part of Scoutbee’s 2022 growth strategy – with an increasing focus on the US market – to further assist Scoutbee’s Co-founder and CEO Gregor Stühler in pursuing operational excellence. 

Roger will lead Scoutbee’s marketing efforts to take the company’s global expansion strategy forward, as well as helping Scoutbee customers to place their procurement teams at the heart of their strategic decision making. 

A high-performance executive with 20+ years’ global SaaS experience leading the marketing and revenue growth of B2B companies, Roger has been named recipient of Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s Pros to Know Award for the past two years and sits on several advisory boards, including the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and the Sourcing Industry Group (SIG).  

Roger has held leadership roles at companies such as JAGGAER, Synertrade, Coupa, Deem Inc.,, and Ariba/FreeMarkets Inc., to mention but a few organizations where he led the strategy that has transformed media, content, commerce, insights, and marketing technology to unlock growth through strategic relationships.

Prior to that, he worked at GE Global Exchange Services for over two years, as well as ENTEX for four years. To date, Roger has significantly increased the position of five different companies with key industry analysts. 

Passionate about how diverse suppliers and ESG insights can create more resilient supply chains, and the role played by procurement leaders in this process, Roger brings invaluable knowledge to the table and is very excited by the opportunity to create impact within Scoutbee and the overall procurement and supply chain industry.

“I’m thrilled to take on the role and further improve how organizations get together to buy and sell. Left and right, procurement teams have been generating value for their organizations across categories ranging from raw materials to logistics to facility services, where key value factors tend to be price, quality, and on-time delivery. Times are changing. Today, ESG insights and supplier diversity tend to take precedence in procurement leaders’ daily activities,” said Blumberg, who possesses 30+ years of experience in procurement.

“The good news is that by working with data-driven solutions and the right partner, procurement organizations can take their business model to a whole new level and ultimately ensure their procurement teams deliver value where it matters most. I’m looking forward to guiding our teams at Scoutbee to equip procurement professionals to unlock even bigger opportunities for their companies,” Blumberg continued.

Growing Scoutbee’s Supplier Data Foundation and Expanding Global Sales

With Roger’s arrival, Scoutbee seeks to take its global expansion strategy forward. 

“Scoutbee is very fortunate to be joined by a stellar business leader. With his combined skill set and experience across different subject areas and industries, Roger will drive Scoutbee to further strengthen both global partnerships and strategic alliances, expand its product portfolio, and increase both brand engagement and sales. I believe he has the right mix of skills to make Scoutbee a true global player in data-driven, purposeful procurement. By leveraging our unique role and the overall team skill sets, we are well-positioned as a value creator for our clients now and in the future.” – Gregor Stühler, Scoutbee Co-founder and CEO. 

Roger will play a key role in driving Scoutbee’s efforts to empower companies to easily search and create a holistic view of their existing suppliers, as well as to benchmark or supplement their supply base with new suppliers in an efficient and timely manner.

Supplier Intelligence, Scoutbee’s SaaS procurement solution, is built on a dynamic supplier data foundation. Scoutbee’s data foundation uses an AI-powered knowledge graph to map and enrich internal supplier data with third-party and Scoutbee’s data sources.

Supplier Intelligence complements Scoutbee’s market leading Supplier Discovery, a solution that allows smarter and faster supplier identification, onboarding, and collaboration. With Supplier Discovery, users increase efficiency, speed up innovation, develop new products, mitigate risk, and ensure agility. 

With this combined offering, in addition to having a broader choice of suppliers, procurement leaders can achieve their ESG objectives by having an overview of suppliers who are committed to these goals, all in one place. Our solutions are currently used by global enterprises such as Audi, SAP, Siemens, and Unilever – to name but a few.