Scoutbee Joins Catena-X to Heighten Secure Data Exchange and Define the Future of Master Data in Supply Chains


Scoutbee Joins Catena-X to Heighten Secure Data Exchange and Define the Future of Master Data in Supply Chains

BERLIN & WÜRZBURG — November 10, 2022 —  Scoutbee, the leading AI-powered supplier intelligence and discovery platform, today announces its membership in the  Catena-X Automotive Network, an open network which aims to enable secure cross-company data exchange across the automotive industry.

 Scoutbee joins heavyweight companies, suppliers, OEMs, tier one companies, providers of applications, platforms and infrastructure that operate in the automotive space (but not limited to it), such as BASF SE, BMW AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Siemens AG, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and Deutsche Telekom AG, as part of the Catena-X Automotive Network e.V., to strengthen innovation and decarbonization and, by default, improve efficiency and sustainability scores within automotive value chains.

 Catena-X’s goal is to create uniform standards for data exchange along the entire automotive value chain. With better traceability along both the product life cycle and supply chains, companies will be able to cut down on their CO2 emissions, drive greater resilience, and better manage their supply chain planning and execution, whilst also enabling the procurement of sustainable materials,said Alex Diebald, Scoutbee’s Vice President of Business Development, who boasts extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive sector.

 “Given our long-standing work with industry-leading companies such as Audi, Robert Bosch, Siemens, SAP – and many others – not to mention our strong belief that better data leads to better procurement decisions thereby creating a better world, it’s only natural that we’ve joined the Catena-X Automotive Network. 


Increasing the resilience and flexibility of supply chains across all sectors is a must 


 In the European Union, new  regulations from September 2020 raised the requirements around air quality and CO2 standards, the improvement of emission testing for cars, and support for alternative fuels and battery production. Additionally, the upcoming  German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (Lieferkettengesetz, in German), whose objective is for German businesses to improve compliance with human rights and materials standards within supply chains, has piled further pressure on businesses across Germany.

 The Catena-X Automotive Network represents an important starting point for the industry to respond more efficiently and actively to the challenges of digital transformation. It will strengthen the automotive industry’s competitiveness, improve efficiency through cooperation, and accelerate company processes through standardization and better access to data. 

 Together with the members of the Catena-X Automotive Network, Scoutbee will tackle these areas by helping to build a data infrastructure that can significantly boost efficiency and sustainability across complex supply chains. 

 “The Catena-X Automotive Network relies on the  International Data Spaces (IDS) standard for data sovereignty, which also lays the foundation for the European cloud data infrastructure, Gaia-X. That means participating companies have agreed on essential infrastructure foundations for project implementation. We are thrilled to bring our expertise in both  supplier discovery and  intelligence to work with the 100+ Catena-X members to collaboratively create a data ecosystem throughout the entire automotive value chain,” concluded Christoph Kaiser, Director of Business Development at Scoutbee.  

 Hagen Heubach, member of the Management Board at Catena-X Automotive Network e.V., welcomes Scoutbee to the network:

 “We are pleased that Scoutbee is joining the Catena-X Automotive Network e.V. and will support us with their expertise in innovative AI and big data-driven solutions to improve supply chain resilience. Together, we will be able to achieve the prerequisites for building a digital ecosystem in the automotive industry along the entire value chain.”


The transformation of the transportation industry is in full swing


 On November 15-16, Scoutbee will be exhibiting at the  AIRCRAFT Supplier Summit (Leipzig, Germany). Centered around the topic of Procurement Excellence with Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains, the event aims to address how the aviation industry is on the verge of the greatest technological transformation of all time and the role sustainability plays in such a journey. Reach out to our  team to get visibility into your supply chains, and comply with the ever-increasing due diligence regulations.


About Scoutbee 


 Powered by AI and Big Data, Scoutbee enables faster end-to-end strategic sourcing processes with up to 90% less effort versus traditional methods. By providing comprehensive and dynamic supplier data, Scoutbee facilitates proactive sourcing decisions that strengthen supply chain resilience, improve sustainability, drive innovation, reduce time to market, and increase diversity. Scoutbee is trusted by industry leaders in automotive, fast-moving consumer goods, energy and utilities, and off-road vehicles. Having won many prestigious awards, including Unilever’s 2022 “Partner with Purpose”, Scoutbee is a recognized leader in AI-driven procurement technology. Backed by HV Capital (formerly HV Holtzbrinck Ventures), 42cap, Toba Capital, Atomico, Lakestar, and Next47, Scoutbee has raised $76m in funding to date. For more details, visit the  website and follow Scoutbee on  LinkedIn Twitter, and   YouTube.


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About the Catena-X Automotive Network e.V.


 The first collaborative, open data ecosystem for the automotive industry, linking global players into end-to-end value chains as simply, securely, and independently as never before. Catena-X envisions that the automotive industry of the future will use a trustworthy, open, and secure data ecosystem, where all players are networked in end-to-end value chains, where all partners are on equal ground, have sovereign control over their data, and no lock-in effects occur. This will provide a sustainable solution for the digitalization of supply chains, especially for SMEs, and support the cooperation and collaboration of market participants and competitors. For access to updates about Catena-X, subscribe to notifications from  LinkedIn


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