Scoutbee is at the heart of the chart!


Scoutbee is at the heart of the chart!

Dr. Elouise Epstein, partner at Kearney and procurement expert, just released her latest Modern Procurement Platform Stack, or “Spider Chart”, in which she tracks procurement technology innovation and the evolving solutions market. We’re delighted that Scoutbee has once again made it onto the map – and we’re not just on the map, we’re at the center of the universe!

As Dr. Elouise points out in her post: “There is so much procurement innovation that it’s hard to keep up with and even harder to plot on a single page. We’re almost out of space, but I have a plan for that… The center keeps getting more and more crowded. There are even more solutions ready to make the leap to the center (stay tuned).”

But Scoutbee has already leapt!

Gregor Stühler, Co-founder and CEO of Scoutbee, says: “I love how we’re at the center of Dr. Elouise Epstein’s spider chart, and that all the solutions point to the importance of having a solid database foundation.”  

“All of the tools that are being developed to support risk, ESG, and diversity – the source-to-pay solutions, the ERP solutions – are fantastic but when there’s such a vast array of tools, there has to be some way to get them all to connect with each other and to have complete visualization. That Scoutbee is being recognized as the source of that data foundation, of that visualization layer, is something we’re truly proud of,” he continues. 

Thank you again to Dr. Elouise Epstein for the mention. The big question is: where do we go from here?