scoutbee Supports Organizations During Coronavirus Crisis


scoutbee Supports Organizations During Coronavirus Crisis

As the world gets to grips with a health and humanitarian emergency resulting from the spread of coronavirus (COVID19), the knock-on economic effects are also stark. In an increasingly global economy for most industries, we have seen unfolding just how disrupted some just-in-time supply chains have become.

Firstly, given the daily challenge we are all facing globally, we at scoutbee want to reassure you that we have taken necessary steps to ensure a full service as usual. Despite the global outbreak, our team will be here to support you and your business needs.

Rest assured we have made all the arrangements to adjust to the current situation

Coronavirus is a huge stress test for global supply chains. Right now, our sense of mission couldn’t be any stronger – we’ve got vital work to do for organizations worldwide. scoutbee is helping to enable second sourcing, identify bottlenecks, increase resilience and deliver remote digital scouting for teams.

At scoutbee, we aim to support as many businesses as possible worldwide to return to full operations. Scouting services will remain available over the coming period and our team will adapt to the quick and sudden changes that might take place.

Whilst we can never talk about confidential sourcing cases, we are indeed supporting NGOs, governments and companies with urgent sourcing needs. For example, it’s perhaps unsurprising that medical equipment and supplies have been an area of important work.

We are committed to helping those who could benefit most from the impacts of our AI-powered sourcing platform. In particular, if you know of an NGO, public body, pharma or medical sourcing case that needs urgent attention, we are here for them.

Alternatively, if your business needs help with an urgent sourcing issue we are here to help – with practical, honest advice as well as our technology. Should you have any questions please email us at or contact us through our website at

In our latest whitepaper, we explore how companies can reduce risks and disruptive effects with digital sourcing. As supply chains become increasingly global, and the risk factors within them greatly more diverse, the ability to manage associated risk across geographic boundaries and time zones should now be a top priority for organizations around the world. We share top-line advice and our Top 3 recommendations for reducing supply chain vulnerability here.

We thank our customers, staff and investors for their continued trust and commitment to the work of scoutbee. Together in our communities, we will overcome the challenge of COVID19.