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Supercharge supplier validation with Streamline filters


Supercharge supplier validation with Streamline filters

When it comes to modern supplier discovery, quick and efficient digital scouting at your fingertips is now essential. Procurement teams need to be equipped with all relevant data and automated workflows to run pre-screening of a supplier list and quickly identify vendors meeting requirements and standards at speed.

With this in mind, we’re continually looking for smart ways to accelerate supplier discovery by reducing manual validation of suppliers to a minimum.

Our new Streamline Filters feature enables users to filter vendors by country, certificates, process status or the fit score across all stages of the Supplier Management. Now scoutbee customers can find relevant matches faster and save even more hours of operational work.


With the new filter experience in Streamline you can:


✅ Review suppliers from selected countries at a glance

Select vendors from strategic geographies and shorten the supply chain.

Streamline Filters

✅ Qualify selected vendors based on available certifications

Identify suppliers with specific quality certificates or licences to select partners meeting your compliance requirements.

Streamline Filters

✅ Quick status overview

With a status filter, you have full control over your supplier list. Quickly look up suppliers on the waiting list or check vendors with all required information to move them to the next RF stage.

Streamline Filters

✅ Select suppliers with the highest fit

scoutbee’s AI-powered Fit Score indicates how well suppliers match your search criteria. With a handy filter, you can select only vendors with the highest score to improve the quality of your Long List.

Streamline Filters


The new filter experience is activated by default within scoutbee’s Streamline. If you have a question or feedback, please do reach out to your Customer Success.

Interested in hearing more about scoutbee? – Do schedule a product tour to gain an overview of our capabilities and how we can help drive your procurement success.

Timo Appelmann, Product Owner