Supplier Spotlight
Supplier Spotlight: RiLong Precision Mold Co., Ltd, Shenzhen


Supplier Spotlight: RiLong Precision Mold Co., Ltd, Shenzhen

The Chinese specialist in Security Cameras, Medical & Health products, Home Alarm systems, Optical and Consumer Electronic products, has won new business opportunities through scoutbee 

RiLong’s history dates back to 1990, when the company was founded in Shenzhen as an original supplier of high-precision plastic injection molded parts. Since then, RiLong has specialized in the design and manufacture of plastic and rubber molds and products, hard plastic and soft plastic molds and parts, soft plastic and metal parts, double injection molding, LSR/LSR molds, membrane keypads, as well as finishing and final assembly, such as screen and pad printing, spraying, laser etching, hot melting, injection, packaging and assembly. 

Their current production line focuses on security camera housings, optical products, automotive, medical, security and consumer electronics products. Over the years, RiLong has produced more than 4,000 plastic/rubber molds that have been exported to the USA, Europe and Japan. Their products are trusted by companies like Honeywell, Tyco, Topcon, Canon, Epson and Siemens. 

“Enterprise of Integrity” 

In 2000, the company expanded their facilities and capabilities, covering an area of 11,000 square meters, for manufacturing both plastic molds and injection parts inhouse. In 2006, the company set up their rubber house in Dongguan with a land size of 8000 sqm. Currently, RiLong operates four plants, with the main plant focusing on plastic rubber molding and R&D and design teams directly involved in the production line. Rubber production lines are also added to another two plants. 

Currently, RiLong employs 300 skilled and experienced staff members to work in engineering, production, inspection and QC units. With more than 30 professional R&D teams, they can always provide their customers with the right 100% in-house manufacturing solutions for developing their products. The company positioned itself as an “enterprise of integrity” for providing vertically integrated production in OEM parts for one-stop sourcing. They offer comprehensive sales services, such as weekly updates on their clients’ orders, responses to RFQ and other questions within 24 hours, and timely follow-ups on the status of their customers’ projects. 

One key factor in helping RiLong to maintain their high quality is the use of following quality systems through all of the business in the factory. 

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management
  • IATF 16949:2016 – Automotive Industry Quality Management Standard
  • All of the materials are compatible with RoHs and Reach certifications.

Challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Of course, Rilong was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on orders and supply chains – the demand for such goods became more volatile. The company tried to minimize impacts by monitoring the covid situation in relevant countries and adjusting financial policies and payment terms accordingly. For high risk areas, the prepayment was increased to 50%. Due to a current lack of materials globally, the company released some of the planning orders in advance and rented storage houses for those materials. 

RiLong was identified as a potential supplier for scoutbee clients 

In the past, RiLong relied on events and introductions from existing customers to new customers. Most potential customers were gained from the recommendation of their customers. Normally the company used emails to exchange info with their customers directly. 

In April 2021, RiLong received a new business opportunity via the scoutbee platform: the expert for rubber molding was identified as a potential supplier for a scoutbee client – a leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions in high-frequency, high-voltage and fiber optic technologies, based in Germany. They were searching for high quality liquid rubber mold products. RiLong was invited to onboard as a supplier by scoutbee. RiLong’s employees appreciated the systematic process and how easy the scoutbee platform is to operate:

“The accumulation and display of the information is nicely systematic for us suppliers. The communication between scoutbee and ourselves is smooth and effective.”
Annie Chang, International Market Manager for RiLong Precision Mold, Co, Ltd 

After this first positive experience with scoutbee, RiLong is pleased to have scoutbee as an additional way to secure global contracts. Despite the difficult circumstances during the ongoing pandemic, the purchasing team who found RiLong as a potential new supplier are now planning an on-site visit to Shenzhen, including a meeting to discuss the next steps. It is unlikely that the two parties would have found each other and such an optimal collaboration were it not for the scoutbee platform. 

The new business success enjoyed by RiLong Precision Mold Co., Ltd, could also be yours!
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