BRP Rotax

An Austrian manufacturer of innovative engine powertrains for powersports products generated more feedback from new suppliers in Mexico, India and Poland with scoutbee

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days to generate longlist


minutes for first RFI feedback


weeks project duration



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Company profile

  • Engine manufacturer and a subsidiary of the Canadian company Bombardier Recreational Products
  • Founded in Austria in 1906
  • Specialized in the development and manufacture of innovative powertrains for powersports product
    • Subsidiary of BRP, world leader in the design, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of motorized recreational vehicles, from snowmobiles to ultralight aircraft
  • Using state-of-the-art technological equipment

Initial situation

  • BRP-Rotax wanted to develop environmentally friendly technologies with higher energy efficiency in combination with lower emissions
  • Company operates in a rapidly growing market
  • Company plans to start new projects with larger and heavier components
  • Identification of a quantity of new suppliers required
    • Curious about options in the Mexican market (less experience in that region)

“The platform is very well structured and easy to use. The effort is very low compared to the benefit, and the answers to the RFI feedback questions give a quick and strong overview of the supplier.”

Gerhard Schiller, Supervisor Direkt Material, Commodity Aluminum for BRP-Rotax


  • Identification of new suppliers for gravity die casting with highest priority in Mexico and Poland
  • Quantities of products being purchased by BRP Rotax are too small for the traditional automotive sector
  • Suppliers must provide high flexibility in terms of production (seasonal market)


  • After 7 days: 111 identified suppliers from 15 different countries on the Longlist
  • 100 suppliers selected for the RFI
  • 52 suppliers submitted feedback
  • 29 suppliers showed deeper interest
  • Results confirmed the limited supplier market in Mexico
  • Indian market reacted very quickly to the demand
  • Unknown supplier from Poland for the aircraft sector was successfully identified
  • Feedback from these suppliers made a high-quality impression
Case Study

BRP Rotax

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