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How the world market leader for valve, process, and control technology got feedback from 8 interested previously unknown suppliers by using scoutbee

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New Suppliers


Days to generate Longlist


Suppliers showed interest



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Initial Situation

  • No second supplier for the part so far
  • Limited suppliers in the market due to high standards


  • Very high technical requirements – high – end product



  • To find one new, suitable supplier
  • Development of 2nd source inside Europe
  • Reduce risk and dependency on the current supplier
  • To get a good market overview


  • Only 1 day for the first response
  • Only 7 days for the longlist
  • 91 new suppliers discovered from 15+ countries (longlist)
  • 20 suppliers were selected for the RFI
  • 11 suppliers submitted feedback
  • 8 suppliers showed interest
Case Study

GeMü Group

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