How Linde Engineering found new suppliers for steam boilers in just three weeks, shortening time to market through faster supplier selection

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Reduction in work hours


Weeks project duration


More suppliers



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Company profile

  • Linde Engineering – part of Linde plc, is the world’s largest industrial gas company by market share, as well as revenue
  • Global leader in the production, processing, storage and distribution of hydrogen
  • Largest liquid hydrogen capacity and distribution system in the world
  • Over 180 hydrogen fueling stations and 80 hydrogen electrolysis plants worldwide

Initial situation

  • Linde in-house team sought new ways to increase the depth of supplier search
  • Obscurity in a complex, rapidly changing supply market
  • Serious time constraints: Linde Engineering needed a trustworthy and innovative supplier in just a few weeks due to tendering deadlines for an external project
  • Supplier markets can’t be standardized
  • Questioning the ability of traditional suppliers to offer the steam boiler for a competitive price
  • Due to a tight schedule effective onboarding of new suppliers needed

“What used to take months, takes weeks now, and the results are very impressive.”

– Thomas Daffner, Procurement Head Static at Linde Engineering


  • Linde requires a diverse range of product specs and certifications for local markets
  • Challenge to find new suppliers for a specific steam boiler
  • Optimize cost/time efficiencies
  • Components need to meet high-quality standards


  • Linde used scoutbee’ to gain deeper insights into new possibilities.
  • Within 7 days, scoutbee found 567 suppliers
  • 60 potential suppliers on the Longlist
  • 24 suppliers for RFI pre-qualified (after 10 days)
  • 8 suppliers on the shortlist (after 4 days)
  • Entire scouting case was completed within 21 days
Case Study


Download our case study with Linde PDF.

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