The Full Service supplier for profiles and molded parts made of thermoplastics faced serious supplier capacity constraints for stainless steel scuff plates.

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  • First-class solutions made of plastics that are suitable for practical life for automobile construction as well as for other branches of industry

Initial Solution

  • The company faced serious Supplier capacity constraints for stainless steel scuff plates.
  • Challenge: Parts are 100% visible
  • Current supplier base is very focused on Germany


  • Find alternative suppliers for stainless steel scuff plates to overcome the constraints with other suppliers
  • Holistic market overview to evaluate cost savings in other regions


The Solution

  • 63 discovered suppliers for Longlist
  • 59 suppliers for RFI
  • 37 suppliers gave feedback
  • 12 suppliers showed interest
  • 2 suppliers signed doc
  • 1 supplier with indicative price proposal
  • 91 days


  • Very user-friendly, little effort for data provision
  • Contract management and signing: good, fast, uncomplicated. One of the highlights of using scoutbee
  • Advantage: More time for other providers and tasks
  • Competition ensures acceleration
  • This case will not remain the only project with scoutbee.
  • Streamline is very user-friendly
  • Easy share and exchange of documents without negotiation
Case Study


Download our case study with Motherson PDF.

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