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Services scouting for assembly and maintenance work for voltage lines

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days duration


hours of total investment of human resources


finalists qualified for further business



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Company Profile

  • The largest distribution grid operator in the EnBW Group
  • It operates the distribution grid for electricity and gas in large parts of Baden-Württemberg.

Initial Situation

  • Search for long-term partners to deliver assembly and maintenance work on high and medium voltage lines
  • Technical planning shall be carried out by Netze BW
  • Recruit such partners to build up a sales force of subcontractors in order to expand its services for customers Germany-wide, with several partners in certain areas


  • The company asked scoutbee to find providers for services
  • Identify companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France with 30+ employees capable of maintenance work on high voltage systems in Germany.
  • Challenging market: Client was facing a seller’s market (few large companies dominate and few service providers with capacity)
  • Only a few small subcontractors were known, many too small to fit the client’s strategy
  • Search for medium voltage experienced suppliers in order to develop these on to high voltage systems
  • Must be managed in German and have full German jurisdiction


  • 324 potential service suppliers identified
  • After seven days, 112 relevant suppliers identified for the Longlist.
  • 102 new unknown suppliers were onboarded and listed for an RFI
  • The response rate was 71%.
  • It took only five days for the first RFI feedback.
  • Within 35 days, 15 new optimal supplier contacts from previously unknown suppliers.
  • Only eleven hours of human resource time.
Case Study

Netze BW

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