Manufacturer of aluminum suspensions found new suppliers for forged suspension arms with scoutbee’s Streamline

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Company Profile

  • Manufacturer of aluminum suspensions (Automotive components)
  • Serves industries including automotive, construction, electrical engineering, security technology and packaging.
  • Focused on five areas: slug manufacturing, extrusion, impact extrusion, roof opening systems and chassis components.
  • Employees: 3.000
  • Revenue: 495 M Euro

Initial Situation

  • Looking for a long-term strategic partner in aluminum forgings, especially forged suspension arms, to be supplied by Neuman for OEM´s.
  • Supplier should provide excellent quality, competitive pricing combined with flexible delivery and competitive payment terms.
  • Long-term requirement with planned future production rate increases over the next 7 years
  • Required quantity per year: 500,000 pieces.

“The algorithms are such that with the simple inputs we gave, it revealed potential suppliers that a normal search engine or market research could not have predicted or provided.”

Kelvin Lynch, Chief Operation Officer (COO) at Neuman Aluminium Raufoss


  • Supply Neuman at best cost and quality to Mexico, Canada, Norway and China.
  • Due to the very strict parameters, the team at Neuman did not anticipate identifying any unknown potential suppliers. Finding one new relevant supplier for Forged Components would comprise both a surprise and a success.


  • After one week, 104 new potential suppliers were found
  • 51 were added to the Longlist and invited to participate.
  • 8 suppliers were shortlisted and qualified for the supplier onboarding and RFI stage.
  • 7 suppliers progressed to RFP.
  • In total, 4 optimal suppliers were identified
  • Within a very short time frame, Neuman Group has benefited from increased visibility of their supplier landscape, delivered by scoutbee’s Streamline.
Case Study


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