Zirl Guss Gmbh, Graz/Austria

The Austrian trading company for cast and forged products, based in Graz, successfully uses scoutbee as an acquisition platform

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In 1992, the owner, Hans Zirl, decided to close his casting company and concentrate on trading. With its quality standards, Zirl Guss has now firmly established itself as a valued and reliable partner to manufacturers and consumers of foundry products throughout Europe and beyond.

“We are not a broker working on a commission basis. We are a trading service provider; we buy and sell. With our competence in the production of casting parts, our customers are all companies that need cast or forged parts – these are machine builders, manufacturers of machinery for the agricultural, mining, or automotive industries,” says Werner Oratsch, Head of Sales & Marketing at Zirl Guss, describing the current nature of the company.

Streamline as an acquisition platform

Zirl Guss has been on the Streamline platform for around 18 months and uses it as an acquisition tool. In this time, the company has been invited to four different projects by some well-known global players. Indeed, after Zirl Guss submitted an offer, there was a video conference between the manufacturer and one of these companies. They are now examining the offer and intend to get back to them.

About Zirl Guss GmbH

The trading company for cast and forged products supplies products made of all kinds of materials and according to all standard casting procedures (e.g., sand casting, shell molding, pressure die-casting, gravity die casting, investment casting, lost-wax -procedure, lostfoam procedure, and full mold casting).

About scoutbee

scoutbee is an innovative supplier-buyer collaboration platform, facilitating billions of dollars in trading volume every year. With a free supplier profile, we enable you to gain visibility across multiple industries, access highvalue sourcing cases, and build long-term business relationships with global Fortune 500 companies.

Vendor overview


Zirl Guss GmbH


Graz, Austria


Trading Company for Cast and Forged Products

Products and services:

Parts made of steel casting, grey cast iron, modular cast iron, aluminium casting; Processes: high pressure die-casting, sand casting, shell molding, investment casting, lost wax casting, etc., forging parts, machining, surface treatment, assembly.





Case study

Zirl Guss Gmbh, Graz/Austria

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