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The Most Powerful Supplier Search Tool at Your Fingertips

Find Supplier. Analyse Competition. Drive Innovation.


The Future of Procurement Is Here

DISCOVERY is the most advanced and powerful supplier search engine in the market. With over 9 million companies you can find and evaluate your next potential partner. Filter by trust, OEM experience, even by relationship to your competition.

Maximize Your Competitiveness

Using big data, review detailed information about suppliers and develop key insights into your competitions supply chain.

Gain Supperior Market Intelligence

With the most powerfully collated database of market insights, you can find and evaluate the top suppliers within each global market in minutes. From retail to B2B-Manufacturing.

Drive Your Innovation

We proactively monitor the supply markets you define. React instantly to market trends and maintain a market leading edge.

Knowledge Is Power

Big data driven, AI backed, smart analytics at a touch of a button.

DISCOVERY makes global sourcing effortless. With over 1 billion pieces of data giving you the most complete insight into individual suppliers, you can identify and audit new potential partners in minutes.

Knowledge Is Power

The Worlds Best Suppliers at Your Fingertips

scoutbee discovery allows you to find and analyze the top suppliers of the worlds leading manufacturers in numerous markets including automotive, retail and chemical.

Profit from Experienced and Innovative Suppliers

Suppliers with long OEM experience are reliable and safe. Profit from those insights and build up a stable and innovative supply chain. See a suppliers core product markets and use scoutbee's revolutionary trust score to determine a customers fit and minimize your risk.

Profit from Experienced and Innovative Suppliers

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