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Supplier Discovery Suite

Created by German purchasing experts, scoutbee’s AI-powered discovery suite empowers you to find new suppliers and source the right supplier in a quarter of the time you spend today.

scoutbee gives you the ultimate supplier insights with DeepSee for a deeper holistic view and offers Streamline to simply automate today’s antiquated, tedious and manual scouting work.


scoutbee DeepSee

Imagine deep supplier insights to make more confident buying decisions

Achieve transparency you’ve never imagined on new and existing suppliers including pricing, competitive relationships and delivery track record to make better strategic sourcing decisions.

Respond with speed to unpredictable supply chain events by relying on artificial intelligence and big data sets to get up-to-date global supplier profiles.

Gain a holistic view of the entire supplier network and share new insights with technical and key stakeholders to improve your sourcing strategy and impact.

scoutbee Streamline

Smarter discovery through simple supplier scouting

Adopt a simple to use scout-to-source process that eliminates the busy work of hunting for new suppliers and gives your buyers a German-engineered approach to free up time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Take the guesswork out of selecting new suppliers by simplifying the discovery process and be confident you can deliver on key specifications and product demands.

Hit key performance metrics by driving more business-impacting sourcing projects.

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