Scoutbee recognizes the importance of our customers’ data and supply chain details. It has therefore invested heavily in a security function and program to deliver unparalleled levels of security and assurance that exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations and set a new benchmark in the industry.


Thanks to the security function’s close ties with our infrastructure and product teams, our platforms are architected from a security first-standpoint. By continuously driving quality improvements in the way we work and the way in which services are built, we ensure that our infrastructure and applications have the solid foundations necessary to uphold the integrity of our customers' data.

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Proactive interaction between the security team and all other departments, from sales through to engineering, ensures that we discover, understand, and address any customer concerns at all points in a customer’s scoutbee journey. Business processes from all departments involve input from the Security team from the very beginning, ensuring everything we do as a business is aligned to our bespoke security framework.


When it comes to our people, we understand that awareness training is not enough. To drive secure behaviours, it is necessary to have a complete cultural program based on the science of human factors. At scoutbee this approach includes everything from training, process engineering to maximize consistency, and developing a culture combining psychological safety, empowerment, and accountability. .

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We monitor our platforms 24/7 with continuous threat and vulnerability management tools, helping us to detect and respond to potential threats in real-time. Unlike many organisations, we always feed security findings back into our engineering and business processes to continuously and proactively strengthen our security posture.


Scoutbee is committed to living and breathing information security as a core brand value. As such we have developed a bespoke security framework tailored to the needs of our organisation, our industry, and our customers. This framework, in turn, maps to the world’s most highly regarded security certifications. As a result, scoutbee is certified as ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant, and are currently pursuing TISAX and SOC 2 alignment.

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