Scoutbee partners with ET Advisory to accelerate sourcing digitalization in the Nordics


New partnership targets global enterprise B2B companies across industries including automotive and discrete manufacturing.

scoutbee is excited to announce a partnership with ET Advisory, a consulting firm with enormous experience and success with Cost Orchestration. The collaboration combines the holistic cost management approach of ET Advisory with scoutbee’s AI-driven technology, and will equip Nordic organizations to turn complex procurement challenges into opportunities.

Product Cost Management is more critical than ever for overall business health. ET Advisory works with some of the region’s most successful manufacturers on strategies to innovate and manage costs in a fiercely competitive landscape. 

The initiative with scoutbee comes at a time where manufacturers across the Nordics face a raft of change factors including greater regulation, shorter product life cycles, macroeconomic influences and the need to embrace sustainability. More than ever, the performance and flexibility of supply networks are critical.

Our collaboration delivers on two critical pains that many organizations wrestle with today – an enormous strain on costs, profitability, and cash flow that impact competitiveness, and secondly, the vital need to discover optimal suppliers to meet new demands, lower risk and drive innovation.

Enno Lückel, VP Sales at scoutbee, comments, “Nordic companies are some of the most efficient and digitally able in the world, and yet the majority still lack an ability to harness AI to deepen supplier knowledge and strengthen buying decisions. More than ever, procurement teams must protect the market share of their company and supplier competition is key. scoutbee is uniquely placed to unlock many cost, efficiency and innovation advantages.”

Tony Bergström, Founder and Managing Partner of ET Advisory, added, “Traditional cost management and engineering are no longer enough in this highly complex and challenging environment. Therefore, we see scoutbee as a great change-driver to orchestrate cost. scoutbee will reduce the manual effort of purchasers and decrease the supplier scouting cost enormously. Additionally, scoutbee’s cloud based solution is easy to use and that minimizes our customers’ investments for hardware and surrounding software.” 

scoutbee’s AI offers a unique capability for rapid global supplier discovery. Traditional manual practices of using databases and online searches in a vacuum often means teams have inadequate visibility over new supply possibilities, and a low understanding of individual suppliers’ levels of quality or experience. Today, teams require the ability to rapidly benchmark supplier options within a category.

scoutbee uses advanced algorithms to deliver verified supplier data, with deep insights and an efficient, digital RFP process for strategic sourcing – all within its platform. Within the automotive industry alone, procurement teams using scoutbee have scouted up to 12 times more suppliers, achieved up to 70% lower supply prices and saved up to 75% less working hours. 

ET Advisory’s unique know-how in the handling of complex cost drivers and profitability is an ideal combination for unlocking maximum value from technology like scoutbee. Our AI-driven supplier insights now further strengthen ET Advisory’s methodologies and processes for world-class strategic cost management. In partnership, our services will offer great strategic value to customers in the Nordics.

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Scoutbee Newsroom

Scoutbee Newsroom

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