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Bonding Varnish Packages




Bonding varnish is  “process stable” and efficient We have succeeded to develop a bonding (Backlack) process so efficient that we are able to produce highest quality with absolute stability. The benefits of this technology are apparent: Small tolerances Small wall thickness High strength and stiffness Higher magnetic density Our core competence is bonding varnish. We have been producing lamination stacks with bonding varnish for many years in large series productions. Through our experience and extended knowledge of processing raw materials, we can ensure sustainable quality and process capability at competitive costs. One of our specialties is the production of small, precise stacks from 0.1-0.3 mm electrical steel with bonding varnish. From the strip layout to the manufactured and validated stack, we can supply both design and production – even of the stamping tool, production of the parts and quality control. As an example, we are producing circular and slotted stators from NO20 with a diameter of 20 mm and a length of 10-60 mm. Starting from a bore of 4 mm, shafts can be fixed with a frictional connection. These stacks are similar in strength and precision to solid parts, but with the magnetic advantages of thin electrical steel. We would be proud to find the best solution for you. Contact us by phone +41 (0) 62 867 92 18 or start an enquiry.

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SWD AG is your innovative partner for stator and rotor technology/solutions. We do not just deliver a finished product, but provide you with individual solutions for your application. Through our innovative technologies SWD is able to reduce the price per unit while refining our high quality standard. With stator and rotor stacks specifically designed to your requirements you will gain the competetive advantage you need.

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