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We grind plates for tools, the machine building industry and plant engineering, using our portal grinding machine with the following technical details: Grinding Length: 3,000 mm Traverse Grinding Width: 1,500 mm Grinding Height: 700 mm Max. Table load: 5 t A typical example is grinding of a packing plate for a top part of a pulling tool. The overall dimensions are usually in the range of 4.000 x 2.000 mm. Those are then separated into single sheets. Both, the separation and the sourcing of the material can be done by us.

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  • Automotive Technology
  • Precision Tools
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We at Wilsmann Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, have been a competent partner in machining for more than 35 years. Our focus is the machining of large parts for the tool and machine industries and for this purpose, we have a large modern machinery park including CNC milling machines. With our machinery we can easily perform milling and boring of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals up to a length of 10,000mm and a weight of 35 tons. The creation of the necessary machine programs for 2D and 3D processing takes place in our modern CAD ​​/ CAM workstations. To be able to offer our customers an even better service in 2005 we introduced a grinding service alongside the rest of our services.  Grinding is carried out via our modern portal grinding machines which can edit plates of a length up to 3000 mm and a weight of 5 tons.  In addition to these machining services, we have also a service technician for maintenance, overhaul and repair of eccentric and hydraulic presses according to the EU standard, with our specially selected fitters available nationwide.

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