How British supplier March May made new business on the Scoutbee supplier platform


How British supplier March May made new business on the Scoutbee supplier platform

March May is the leading manufacturer of magnetic seal pumps operating out of England. The company used the Scoutbee supplier platform as a new sales channel by meeting a demand from a manufacturer of individual temperature systems.

Since its founding, in 1971, March May has acted as the UK and European distributor of March Manufacturing Pumps. The company’s products are utilized around the world in sectors including chemical, industrial, medical, marine, solar and OEM. Traditionally March May has acquired new customers primarily through trade fairs and customer recommendations.

Using the Scoutbee supplier platform for the first time

March May used the Scoutbee supplier platform for the first time in September of 2021, when Scoutbee contacted them to provide a tender to a German company. The company is a world leader in temperature precise control and was looking for a pump manufacturer located in Europe.

“It’s been absolutely fantastic. Everything was very streamlined – how the communication was handled, the different steps you have to go through in terms of providing information and then also seeing how the customer provides information”, Dominic Nott, R&D Director at March May, summarized the experience with the Scoutbee supplier platform. “It’s our first time using Scoutbee, and hopefully we can use it more in the future.”

“Having the different stages from RFI to Shortlist to RFP made everything very easy to go through,” Nott further commented.

“In particular, with these larger tenders, you could get to a point where you want to say no, that you are unable to do it. So, having the multiple step processes ensures that both the customer and the supplier do not waste unnecessary time.

All the information that was provided, having all the links uploaded online and having all of the relevant information from the customer on the online portal was very helpful.”

Nott also appreciated the communication function: “Being able to have direct contact with the customer and to speak to them regarding the project, and details that might not have been listed on their original brief so to speak, it was a great tool to have!”

The benefits of using Scoutbee as a supplier

“We have definitely benefited from using Scoutbee, especially for these larger scale projects. We are convinced that using Scoutbee will help us identify customers and also help companies find us.”

“It has certainly improved our day to day-to-day life. Having an online platform where we can advertise March May and become a potential supplier for ongoing projects is another sales tool; another sales channel in our arsenal. This is going to be a great asset for us moving forward.”

Suppliers connect with buyers faster

“With Scoutbee, we have discovered a new way of identifying customers and new business. We have also learned a lot during this process, all the steps on the platform from RFI to RFP. Big customers that are using this online portal to find new suppliers, have a small window through which they can see suppliers all over the world.”

The company normally sees a lead time of around 1-2 months from an initial request to provide preliminary technical details and quotations to securing a customer. Due to the time sensitive nature of this project, thanks to Scoutbee, the time from initial contact to a meeting between the German manufacturer and March May was only a few weeks: “Scoutbee accelerated the process considerably and we definitely see the platform as a time-saving tool”.

Making new business in the manufacturing industry

March May also had a fantastic experience when the purchaser was able to visit their factory. It definitely helped enhance their business relationship. Due to the technical nature of the product, being able to have a face-to-face discussion ensured complete understanding of the customer’s requirements and also March May’s own production capabilities for the customer. The face-to-face meeting also substantially reduced product development time, as “free-flowing”’ conversations were able to be had regarding product requirements, lead times or production. This could not have been achieved effectively through email or telephone conversations.

The new business success enjoyed by March May Ltd. could also be yours! You can download a short summary of this supplier case here.

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