One Supplier Discovery Suite.
Two Features.

Digitize supplier sourcing, identification & onboarding.

Find and evaluate global suppliers for direct or indirect materials with more ease and more confidence 75% faster.

With Streamline you can

  • digitize the “scout-to-source” process
  • exchange documents and drawings
  • communicate with suppliers via chat
  • work cloud-based, no implementation needed

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Unify your supplier data.
Gain holistic insights.

Unleash the full potential of your supplier data by consolidating and enriching supplier profiles with always up to date information.

With DeepSee you can

  • gain holistic insights into your supplier base
  • get information without master data management
  • enrich your supplier data with third party data
  • operate in a safe cloud-based environment
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ARTIMIS is the artificial intelligence that powers DeepSee and Streamline by constantly mining vast amounts of data and continually improving time to scout.

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