All supplier data in one place

DeepSee is a data lake that unifies and enriches your supplier data


Unify your data

No excel sheets, no master data management. One single point of truth, accessible for everyone in charge.

Source the best suppliers

No more guesswork. Expand your knowledge of new and current suppliers with always up-to-date data.

Eliminate costs

Proactively source for a true competitive advantage by maintaining a constant flow of new suppliers in your scoutbee pipeline.

3 reasons to use DeepSee

  1. Diversify your supply base

    Diversify your suppliers by quickly accessing information to understand minority-owned, female-led or veteran-managed businesses.

  2. Stay in control

    Stay ahead of changes in your supply base with DeepSee’s constant flow of curated data. The more you know, the faster you can react.

  3. Gain a true competitive edge

    Address the gap in your digital procurement roadmap and drive value by utilizing curated data.

You are in good company

German automotive giant Audi is already using DeepSee to gain deep insights into supplier networks.

Read the full Audi success story

"The level of supply chain transparency we gained was astounding."
Kathrin Schwinghammer
Kathrin Schwinghammer

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