Why Deepsee?


Gain competitive advantages with supply chain data from millions of companies.


Benefit from permanently up-to-date data sources for comprehensive market information.

Easy to Use

Set up DeepSee without complex integration and get started right away.
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Supply chain leaders must move away from attitudes that focus on short-term gains to a holistic approach in supplier management that will enable suppliers to deliver greater value.

Deepsee Features

Revolutionize purchasing with our AI-driven platform

Dynamic Supplier Relationship Management

With a lean user interface, intuitive shortcuts and configurable analytics tools at hand, procurement teams can easily consolidate information on their supplier portfolio and gain comprehensive insights fast.

Supplier Insights at scale

DeepSee aggregates information from a vast array of verified sources to help procurement teams make strategic decisions - based on holistic data. Users gain insights on suppliers' stock, quality performance, certificates, gained awards, supply chain connections, revenue and more.

Smart Supplier Discovery

By utilizing DeepSee, users can confidently identify opportunities in new regions, and find backup suppliers fast to help mitigate risk and ensure supply chain continuity.
DeepSee in numbers

Data is the key to competitive advantage

Up to


more suppliers

Locate new suppliers and secure a second source to mitigate demand risk.

Up to


lower supply prices

Scan the global supplier pool relevant to your category portfolio to identify cost reduction opportunities.

Up to


less working hours

Boost internal efficiency by saving up to 150 hours of manual work on discovery & onboarding.
A quick guide on risk management strategy in procurement
Mitigate your risk with scoutbee

A quick guide on risk management strategy in procurement

A robust Risk Management strategy in procurement means being able to shift and pivot - be it due to major disruptive events with global supply chain impacts or strategic changes for the business - alternative supply options are always required.
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