All supplier data in one place

DeepSee is a data lake that centralizes and enriches your supplier data


Consolidate your data

No more locally stored excel sheets. Just one single point of truth, accessible for everyone in charge.

Enrich your data

Your internal data, our curated data pool and any third party data source you like.

Get holistic insights

No information overload. All the relevant data you need to be in a favorable negotiating position.

3 reasons to use DeepSee

  1. See relevant and timely supplier info

    Start using one intuitive tool containing all relevant supplier relations information.

  2. Perform faster analysis & comparisons

    Conduct a supply chain analysis, check relations to OEMs and be in the best possible negotiating position.

  3. Benefit from assessing existing and potential suppliers

    Bookmark lists to screen your vendors and always have potential suppliers in reserve.

You are in good company

German automotive giant Audi is already using DeepSee to gain deep insights into supplier networks.

Read the full Audi success story

"The level of supply chain transparency we gained was astounding."
Kathrin Schwinghammer
Kathrin Schwinghammer

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