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Identify up to 80% more suppliers in only 3 weeks. Automate manual tasks and scout using 85% less work hours.

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Energy & Utilities
rely on technology

With a wide industrial distribution and highly saturated market, building breathable supply chains in the Energy & Utilities industries requires the right technology setup. With the smart utilization of digital tools, buyers unlock a better overview of the supply base and accelerate strategic sourcing with digital workflows.

Advantages of AI-driven Supplier Scouting
more suppliers
lower supply prices
less working hours
Customer Experiences
Market leaders use scoutbee
"We were able to reduce the hours we have spent by approximately 85%, screened 80% more suppliers and achieved significant cost savings. What used to take months, takes weeks now, and the results are very impressive."
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Thomas Daffner
Procurement Head Static, Linde Engineering