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Identify up to 90% more alternative suppliers in only 3-4 weeks. Automate manual tasks and respond accurately to new demands.

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FMCG needs to
stay agile

With an expanding middle-class spend in parts of the world, rapid rise of emerging markets and adoption of digital consumerism, procurement leaders in the FMCG sector must seize opportunities. This means ensuring agility and sustainability in their supply networks to accommodate the demands of the customer. Remarkable results can occur at the intersection of technology and people. AI-driven supplier discovery accelerates the identification of optimal suppliers and unlocks cost reduction and innovation opportunities.

Advantages of AI-driven Supplier Scouting for FMCG
more suppliers
lower supply prices
less working hours
Customer Experiences
Market leaders use scoutbee
“The Unilever team is positive and excited with the support and insights that scoutbee is generating. The full proposition of scoutbee in terms of market visibility, finding new people fast, and interacting and engaging them in a safe, assured and fast way, has been really critical for us.”
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Dave Ingram
Chief Procurement Officer