Pharma needs innovation

The pharmaceutical industry faces an ever-rapid pace of innovation, tough competition and reforms to public healthcare systems. Many procurement teams seek to achieve cost and process optimizations, while continuing to deliver resiliently. AI-driven supplier search and a holistic 360-degree view over the pharma supply market empowers both cost reduction opportunities and the drive for innovation.
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Advantages of AI-driven Supplier Scouting

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less working hours

A quick guide on risk management in procurement
Risk Mitigation mit scoutbee

A quick guide on risk management in procurement

A robust Risk Management strategy in procurement means being able to shift and pivot - be it due to major disruptive events with global supply chain impacts or strategic changes for the business - alternative supply options are always required.
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How scoutbee works

  • Define your search criteria
  • Get supplier longlists within days
  • Easily keep track of all RFI processes in minutes
  • Manage all documents on scoutbee and onboard new suppliers
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Optimize your supplier search

AI-driven Longlist

Generate high-quality supplier longlists in a matter of days for better operational efficiency and quicker time-to-market.

Advanced Assessment

Collect, sort and analyze RFI feedback. With handy automated workflows, you can process supplier data at a glance.

Collaboration Platform

Centralize collaboration between procurement teams and relevant suppliers. All actions are documented to achieve transparency and compliance.

360° Supplier Overview

Aggregate data from a multitude of verified sources (Dun & Bradstreet financial data, certificates, etc.) to make strategic buying decisions.
Use Cases

Mastering Procurement’s biggest challenges

Supplier Relationship Management

Evaluate and onboard new suppliers for long-lasting relationships with your vendors.
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Risk Mitigation

Identify current and relevant risk factors while securing second sources fast.
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Second Sourcing

Identify second source suppliers and ensure business continuity.
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Emergency Scouting

Beat a supply crisis with our powerful AI scout-to-source platform.
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Innovation Scouting

Free up valuable time to collaborate with innovative suppliers and reduce time to market.
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Gain holistic supplier insights to drive ethical buying decisions and take sustainability to a new level.
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