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Mitigate Risk, Drive Supplier Diversity and Sustainable Innovation.
Build supply chain resilience and use Scoutbee Supplier Discovery to streamline your search and selection of new suppliers from months to weeks

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Discovery in numbers
Realize Efficiency Gains
and Cost Savings
more suppliers

Identify new suppliers and secure valuable second sources to mitigate risks.

lower supply prices

Search global markets for relevant suppliers and identify potential savings.

less working hours

Increase the efficiency of your team by saving up to 150 hours of manual work.

SCOUTBEE Supplier Discovery

High-quality Supplier Search to Identify & Select New Vendors Use Scoutbee Discovery to specify complex supplier search criteria and gain a comprehensive insight into your supplier market, at speed.

One Dedicated & Time Saving Solution for Demand-related Documentation
Share demand-related documentation and correspondence within one single platform for project management, compliance and to drive supplier innovation.

Fast & Streamlined End-to-End Supplier Discovery Process Discover new suppliers using AI-supplier validation. Benefit from simple RFI assessment, 24h global onboarding support and transparent & secure demand management.

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Faster and Better Strategic Sourcing Results
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Find and collaborate with suppliers immediately

Speed up your Supplier Discovery

With Supplier Discovery you can specify many search criteria and gain a comprehensive insight into the relevant supplier market, at speed.

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AI-driven Longlist

Receive high-quality supplier longlists in a matter of days for better operational efficiency and quicker time-to-market.

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Advanced Assessment

Collect, sort and analyze RFI feedback. With handy automated workflows, you can process supplier data at a glance.

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Reimagine Onboarding

Centralize collaboration between procurement teams and relevant suppliers. All actions are documented to achieve transparency and compliance.

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What do the experts say?
Dave Ingram
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 28
“The Unilever team is positive and excited with the support and insights that Scoutbee is generating. The full proposition of Scoutbee in terms of market visibility, finding new people fast, and interacting and engaging them in a safe, assured and fast way, has been really critical for us.”
Dave Ingram
Chief Procurement Officer
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 29
Volker Popp
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 32
“With Scoutbee we are now teaming up with the market leader in AI-driven supplier intelligence and search to support SAP customers to innovate, simplify and speed-up strategic procurement”
Volker Popp
Chief Product Expert, SAP S4/Hana Procurement
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 33
Michael Klinger
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 36
"Every new technology opens new doors, and AI driven supplier search helps us at Siemens to climb to a new level in our strategic sourcing."
Michael Klinger
Corp. Supply Chain Management
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 37
Kathrin Schwinghammer
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 40
"In only a couple of weeks, Scoutbee managed to scout numerous suppliers that catered to our needs – it’s fast, efficient and reliable. In addition to substantial cost savings, the level of supply chain transparency we gained by utilizing Scoutbee’s artificial intelligence was astounding."
Kathrin Schwinghammer
Digital Innovation Manager at Audi
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 41
Thomas Daffner
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 44
"We were able to reduce the hours we have spent by approximately 85%, screened 80% more suppliers and achieved significant cost savings. What used to take months, takes weeks now, and the results are very impressive."
Thomas Daffner
Procurement Head Static, Linde Engineering
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 45
Heiko Braitmaier
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 48
"In procurement nowadays, it’s all about speed. In that regard, Scoutbee’s AI-driven supplier discovery has really brought our buying processes to a new level."
Heiko Braitmaier
VP Procurement, Kärcher
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 49
Anton Ewitsch
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 52
"Scoutbee offered an amazingly structured process, informative holistic supplier profiles and kept our time exposure to an absolute minimum - 3 hours to start the project, one hour for an NDA, 8 weeks in total for a supplier market screening."
Anton Ewitsch
Lead Buyer, Viessmann
Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 53
Customer Experiences
Market leaders are using
Supplier Discovery

"With Scoutbee, you can sustainably and strategically improve your supplier portfolio, and that’s more valuable than ever today. We should all take the risk and benchmark our suppliers to see whether or not we’re competitive enough."

Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 55
Heiko Braitmaier
VP Procurement

"We were able to reduce the hours we have spent by approximately 85%, screened 80% more suppliers and achieved significant cost savings. What used to take months, takes weeks now, and the results are very impressive."

Scoutbee Supplier Discovery - photo 57
Thomas Daffner
Procurement Head Static, Linde Engineering
Case Studies
Mastering Procurement's
biggest challenges

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SEW Eurodrive

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