Faster supplier sourcing
made simple

Streamline helps you find and collaborate with global suppliers faster


Digitize the tedious

Define your scouting needs in no time and cast a wide net of potential suppliers to have the broadest view of the market.

Rethink supplier onboarding

No more monkey work. Use streamline’s onboarding process to ensure that the best suppliers are participating in your RFX process.

Collaborate closely

No more time-consuming email-management. Validate suppliers, exchange documents and collaborate with vendors directly on Streamline.

3 reasons to use Streamline

  1. Optimize supplier relationships

    Adopt scoutbee’s easy-to-follow pre-screen, validation and onboarding process to manage new suppliers faster and with less friction.

  2. Maximize supply chain operations

    Spend more time on strategic and value added tasks and less time on repetitive manual work.

  3. Minimize wasted time & money

    The more scouting projects you do, the deeper your insights, the bigger your savings.

You are in good company

Using Streamline, Audi completed a complex supplier scouting case in just 7 weeks.

Read the Audi case study

"It's fast, efficient and reliable."

Kathrin Schwinghammer
Kathrin Schwinghammer
Audi AG

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