Faster supplier scouting
made simple

Streamline helps you find and collaborate with global suppliers faster


Digitize the tedious

Streamline combines category management with a tendering platform and online supplier collaboration.

Complement current processes

No need to re-do what’s already working. Simply use our cloud-based suite to improve discovery and scouting needs.

Decrease wasted time & money

The more scouting projects you do, the deeper your insights, the bigger your savings. When you look at the ROI potential, scoutbee customers are scouting 75% faster.

3 reasons to use Streamline

  1. Simplify the complex

    Source and buy complex products with ease through a streamlined process with deeper insights and easier communication channels.

  2. Drive innovation

    Innovating products and supply chains takes longer than expected. Accelerate the process digitally and meet your innovation demands with more confidence.

  3. More time for strategic work

    By scouting and sourcing new and existing suppliers faster, you can spend time on projects that impact your scorecard and the business.

You are in good company

Using Streamline, Audi completed a complex supplier scouting case in just 7 weeks.

Read the Audi case study

"It's fast, efficient and reliable."

Kathrin Schwinghammer
Kathrin Schwinghammer
Audi AG

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