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More than 150 companies are using scoutbee

It’s baffling how many companies still only prioritize cost savings and not the ability to maintain supply. We have gained market share simply because we were able to get backup suppliers in different countries and therefore keep manufacturing our products.


Bolster Risk Management with verified supplier insights

Consolidate your supplier information

With a lean user interface and configurable analytics tools at hand, procurement teams can consolidate information easily and gain comprehensive insights to mitigate risk.

Holistic supplier insights

scoutbee aggregates information from a vast array of verified sources. Clients gain insights on suppliers’ stock, quality and performance, certificates, gained awards, supply chain connections, revenue and more.

Secure alternative suppliers fast

Scout, evaluate and onboard secondary suppliers efficiently. scoutbee’s AI-powered platform accelerates otherwise lengthy processes through seamless supplier discovery and validation.
Risk Mitigation in Numbers

Unlock efficiency gains and cost reduction

Up to


more suppliers

Grow the pool of your alternative suppliers to mitigate risk.

Up to


lower supply prices

Scan the global supplier market to identify cost reduction opportunities.

Up to


less working hours

Boost internal efficiency by saving work hours for manual discovery & onboarding.
Customer Experiences

Market leaders mitigate risk with scoutbee

"In procurement nowadays, it’s all about speed. In that regard, scoutbee’s AI-driven supplier discovery has really brought our buying processes to a new level."
Heiko Braitmaier
Heiko Braitmaier
VP Procurement, Kärcher
Risk Mitigation with scoutbee
Quick Guide

Risk Mitigation with scoutbee

Read our Quick Guide on how to identify and mitigate supply chain risks with Smarter Supplier Discovery.
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