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With scoutbee, we could choose the best suppliers together with the purchasing team to decide on a reliable second source.


Mitigate Supply Chain Disruptions with Second Sources

Secure alternative suppliers in no time

Scout, evaluate and onboard alternative suppliers fast. Our AI-powered platform enhances your procurement processes with accelerated supplier identification, validation and onboarding.

Supplier insights at scale

scoutbee aggregates information from a vast array of verified sources to help procurement teams make strategic decisions. Users gain insights on suppliers’ stock, quality performance, certificates, gained awards, supply chain connections, revenue and more.

Reimagine supplier onboarding

Centralize collaboration between procurement teams and relevant suppliers. All actions are documented to achieve transparency and compliance.
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Identify your Supply Chain Risk Hotspots

Up to


more suppliers

Grow the pool of your alternative suppliers to improve risk management.

Up to


lower supply prices

Scan the global supplier market for your relevant category to identify cost reduction opportunities.

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less working hours

Boost internal efficiency by saving work hours for manual discovery & onboarding.
Customer Experiences

Market leaders use scoutbee

"With scoutbee we have the possibility to find new suppliers globally in a very efficient way. The quantity but especially the quality of the results were impressive and supported the purchasing department in its role as value creator at SEW."
Klaus Binder
Klaus Binder
Lead Purchaser, SEW
"With scoutbee, you can sustainably and strategically improve your supplier portfolio, and that’s more valuable than ever today. We should all take the risk and benchmark our suppliers to see whether or not we’re competitive enough."
Heiko Braitmaier
Heiko Braitmaier
VP Procurement
Reduce supply chain vulnerabilities with proactive second sourcing
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Reduce supply chain vulnerabilities with proactive second sourcing

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