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One thing we really like about scoutbee is the objectivity it provides us when searching for global suppliers. Every step on the platform is completely transparent. It’s qualitative and sustainable.


Build breathable Supply Chains

Improve your sustainability metrics

Identify global suppliers that match your sustainability strategy. With deep supplier insights from over 40 verified sources, localize your supply chain and mitigate potential risk factors.

Supplier Insights at scale

scoutbee aggregates information from a vast array of verified sources to help procurement teams make strategic decisions. Users gain insights on supplier's stock, quality performance, certificates, gained awards, supply chain connections, revenue and more.

Reimagine supplier onboarding

Centralize collaboration between procurement teams and relevant suppliers. All actions are documented to achieve transparency and compliance.
In Numbers

Identify global suppliers to increase Sustainability

Up to


more suppliers

Grow the pool of your alternative suppliers that cater to your sustainability standards.

Up to


lower supply prices

Scan the global supplier market for your relevant category to identify cost reduction opportunities.

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less working hours

Boost operational efficiency by saving work hours for manual discovery & onboarding.
Customer Experiences

Market Leaders use scoutbee

“Scoutbee kept our time exposure to an absolute minimum - 3 hours to start the project, one hour for an NDA, 8 weeks in total for a supplier market screening.”
Anton Ewitsch
Anton Ewitsch
Lead Buyer at Viessmann
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