FASTER and SMARTER Supplier Discovery. Check out what we're working on in Q3 2020


FASTER and SMARTER Supplier Discovery. Check out what we're working on in Q3 2020

Perhaps now more than ever, the fundamental value of every business lays in cultivating strong, productive business relationships resilient to external disruptions. 

AI-driven digital procurement now enables a leap forward in global “information transparency” at high speed and robust quality. Scout-to-source—right at the start of the procurement process—is an area ripe for innovation. 

In a post Covid-19 era, companies will increasingly need to review their current supplier discovery methods and explore better ways to accelerate sourcing, validation and onboarding of suppliers at scale. At Scoutbee, we are on the mission to address these challenges and help global businesses create and maintain smart and data-driven relationships between buyers and suppliers. During Q3, we are committed to delivering value to procurement teams by making sourcing and scouting faster and empowering decision-making with solid and unified data.

  • Firstly, we will work on increasing the speed and efficiency of the supplier discovery process by simplifying the demand creation process. New and improved search criteria fields will impact the quality and relevancy of newly scouted suppliers. Moreover, with new Streamline filters, users will be able to screen supplier lists by country and certificates to identify matches quicker, accelerate your RFP process and reduce time-to-market.
  • Secondly, we will provide Scoutbee users with advanced RFI tools to collect, sort and analyze large amounts of supplier feedback within a couple of clicks. For power users with dozens of active demands, it could save hundreds of hours of traditionally manual work.
  • Finally, we will continue improving our supply chain data infrastructure to power up DeepSee –  a centralized platform to curate and analyze supplier information. Knowing more about your supply base with 360degree insights, you can respond with agility to changing demands and manage categories dynamically and pricing benchmarks at scale. In the near future, we will make supplier scouting across all commodities and categories as easy as browsing Google. With a powerful ‘Smart Search’ and advanced filter functionality, users will be able to rapidly scan the global supplier market (based on country, commodity, compliance, compatibility requirements) and identify matches at scale.

By sharing examples from our product roadmap, we aim to underline our commitment to collaboration and transparency with our users and encourage their feedback.

We are keen to hear your thoughts. Reach out to us via our support email – We promise to reply back to every request.

Interested in hearing more about our solutions? – Do schedule a product tour to get a better overview of Scoutbee capabilities and can we can help drive your procurement success.

Martin Eliason, , Director of Product