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How Audi scouted suppliers for eco-friendly towing machines in 7 weeks

“We saw that Scoutbee had the potential to really simplify our global sourcing processes by providing smarter supplier discovery, so we decided to use it to our advantage. In only a couple of weeks, Scoutbee managed to scout numerous suppliers that catered to our needs – it’s fast, efficient and reliable. In addition to substantial cost savings, the level of supply chain transparency we gained by utilizing Scoutbee’s artificial intelligence was astounding.”

Kathrin Schwinghammer, Project Manager, Audi AG


week project duration


times more suppliers


Hours invested by buyer

digital car

Initial situation

  • Audi AG decided to move from diesel-driven industrial towing vehicles to more eco- friendly solutions


  • Sourcing a highly complex industrial product: eco-friendly towing vehicles

  • Finding new suppliers for a vehicle powered by an electric motor

  • Screening a niche supplier market

  • Evaluating possible vendors for negotiations and contracting

  • Different supplier scouting approach in order to significantly shorten the lengthy procurement process


  • 57 potential suppliers for electric industrial towing vehicles on the longlist

  • Within just 7 weeks, 7 suppliers made a proposal for the specific vehicle Audi AG was looking for

  • Total time spent on this project by the responsible purchaser: 6 hours

  • Screening 180 times more suppliers in a fraction of the time needed for conventional supplier scouting


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