The 2020 Procurement Mandate
8 Ways To Optimize Sourcing While Avoiding Production Risks

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Thrive Versus Survive In 2020

Digital Procurement is on everbody’s agenda, yet it is rare to see hands-on advice on how to start embracing new technology like AI and Big Data to make smarter buying decisions. This E-Book covers the 8 best ways to optimize sourcing while avoiding production risks. You can learn how to

  • Develop market and holistic supplier insights to make confident decisions
  • Drive sourcing improvements with intelligent scout-to-source processes
  • Source faster to drive innovation and to improve employee engagement
  • Reduce supply chain risks with proactive sourcing
  • Identify alternative suppliers to de-risk sourcing
  • Balance, diversify and manage the global supplier eco-system
  • Accelerate business and discovery processes without disruption
  • Improve supplier relationships with less friction in the validation and selection process

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