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High Voltage Mats / Electrical Rubber Matting

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RFP Overview

Batch Size:
251 to 1,000
Potential Order:
300 pcs
Required Certificates:
ISO 9001

Detailed Description

Hello Sir / Madam;

Electrical Rubber High Voltage Matting, Quantity 300 Pieces according to following SPEC. NTS-26:

Rubber mat to the inner transformation

Purpose: Rubber mat designed to prevent sliding and gives added protection against electrocution.

Rubber mat made from blend thermostatic rubber insulated, flexible, and resistant against oil and against ozone.

Mat sizes: Length: 2,000 +/-20 mm, Width: 800 +/-8 mm, Thickness: 6 +/-1 mm

Specific gravity will not increase above 1.5 gram to cm cubic.

Hardness: 70 +/- SHA according to ASTM D2240

The carpet will have an insulating capacity of at least 1000 V according to STANDARD: VDE 0680 Or ASTM D-178, 1048 and has a marking in accordance with the standard.

The carpet will have a fire resistance of UL94 V2 level.

ASH СONTENT (Ignitation residue) would be 60% according DIN 53568-T1 or ISO 247.

Flexibility REBOUND RESILIENCE will be a maximum of 60% according to DIN 53512 or ISO 4772 or ASTM-D 1054.

Impact resistance to ozone carpet will be at least 85% according to ASTM-D 1171 Method A QRR.

On each rug will be ENGRAVED in a sign insulating capacity, the manufacturer’s name, model number or name and date of production.

Carpet over at least one side will be striped and / or a grooved or other protrusions.

Will bulge – 1.5 +/- 0.5 mm.

 Please submit together with the proposal p/n, drafting, Sample size 40×40 cm at least , Laboratory Certificate (COT) & ISO 9001 valid certificate.


Please write price & delivery time?

If your are offering an equal product ; please send it’s product data sheet & Company Logo declaration that the product offered is equal to the require P/N above.

Also please complete the following table regarding the mat you are going to supply:


No. Require Info. Please complete info in this column
1. Manufacturer name & it’s address
2. Does on mat engrave all the data according to Impact resistance to ozone carpet will be at least 85% according to ASTM-D 1171 (see attached) Method A QRR?
3. Manufacturer Catalogue number
4. Mat size in mm
5. Mat Weight in kg
6. Mat Hardness in SHA
7. Electrical insulating level in Volts
8. Does on mat engraved electrical insulating mark ? yes/no
9. fire resistance level
10. ASH CONTENT in %
11. Flexibility in %
12. striped and / or a grooved or other protrusions shape
13. striped and / or a grooved or other protrusions height in mm
14. striped and / or a grooved or other protrusions gap between in mm
15. Does packaging according to the following:Each mat will be rolled & tied with a strip in at least two places.Each delivery the item will be marked: manufacturer name, model number, manufacturing date, p/n, order no. & quantity.Each delivery will be packed on equal un-return surfaces and on each surface will be not more than 30 mats arranged in pyramid shape.



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