Supplier Spotlight - Best Technology Co, Ltd


Supplier Spotlight - Best Technology Co, Ltd

A printed circuit board supplier in China leverages Scoutbee to establish new demand opportunities, increase collaboration with buyers and save time

Since its founding in 2006, Best Technology Co, Ltd has grown to become a leading provider of printed circuit boards. To provide its customers with even more value, the Chinese company wanted to form better business relationships and discover new opportunities, especially in the European market.

Like other vendors, Best Technology Co, Ltd traditionally acquired most buyers through Google, events and referrals. They needed a solution that would allow them to be flexible, adaptable and efficient in supporting their client needs from the very beginning. 

With Scoutbee they were able to drive business growth through greater visibility, winning more customers and staying competitive with efficient use of the platform.

“The Scoutbee solution has enabled us to simplify and improve our business relationships. We don’t usually use B2B platforms – we found their customer base can often be too broad for our specific solutions. Other platforms also don’t often allow us to involve the customer from the beginning and throughout the whole designing phase – which is key to providing clients with optimal PCB and SMT assembly and production.”

Additionally, Best Technology Co, Ltd was able to customize their Scoutbee and collaborate efficiently and cost-effectively with their existing customer network – with better information for buyers that strengthened business relationships. The platform is easy to set up and use so employees are able to get valuable market insights with ease and concentrate on more strategic tasks.

“The best thing about using Scoutbee is that we have the opportunity to build collaboration with customers and understand what types of customers are most interested in our products. Uncovering the market by ourselves would require tremendous internal effort.”

About Best Technology Co, Ltd

Best Technology Co, Ltd is a leading printed circuit board (PCB) vendor in Asia for high precision printed circuit boards, including but not limited to FPC, MCPCB, FR4, Rigid-flex circuits and Ceramic PCB. In addition to their manufacturing arm, they also provide PCB duplicating, engineering & process design, components management & sourcing solution, PCB in-house assembly & full system integration and more with 11 years of experience.

About Scoutbee

Scoutbee is an innovative supplier-buyer collaboration platform, facilitating billions of dollars in trading volume. With a free supplier profile, we enable you to gain visibility in multiple industries, get access to high-value sourcing cases, and build long-term business relationships with global Fortune 500 companies. 

The success enjoyed by Best Technology Co, Ltd could also be yours!

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