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How March May Made New Business On scoutbee Supplier Platform

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demand by a German company


USD average spent per demand


March May, the leading British Manufacturer and supplier of centrifugal and sealless magnetic drive pumps, was invited to a demand by a Germany company. In the search for magnetic coupled pumps for the medical and pharma industry, March May proved to be the right supplier.


The British manufacturer and supplier of magnetic pumps has a very strong standing in the UK. Customers actively seek out its products and services. A large contribution to the manufacturer’s growth have been positive customer reviews, recommending March May’s products. As part of its outbound sales efforts, the company was attending a lot of exhibitions where they got to network with potential customers in the industry. However in terms of networking, the pandemic has obstructed selling by being on the road and attending exhibitions. March May used this situation to explore opportunities of growing sales through new channels.


Supplier platform for customer acquisition


March May registered on the scoutbee supplier platform for the first time after being contacted by scoutbee’s supplier onboarding team in the name of a German company. The company was using scoutbee to contract a pump manufacturer based in Europe. March May normally sees a lead time of around one to two months from initial enquiry to provide preliminary technical details and quotations to a new potential customer. Due to the time sensitive nature of the project, the time from initial contact to meeting with the German company was only a few weeks: “scoutbee did considerably accelerate the process and has been seen as a time-saving tool for ourselves.”, as Dominic Nott, R&D Director at March May commented.


About March May Ltd.


March May, which was founded in 1971, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Centrifugal & Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps. The company that operates in Europe, the Americas and Asia, predominantly deals with two types of industries. March May also operates heavily in the sector where they produce a lot of products mainly for the UK market, used by OEM manufacturers, e.g. for the beverage industry in the UK. About scoutbee scoutbee is an innovative supplier-buyer collaboration platform, facilitating billions of dollars in trading
volume every year. The average spend per demand on the scoutbee platform starts at 500.000 USD.With a free supplier profile, we enable you to gain visibility in multiple industries, get access to high-value sourcing cases, and build long-term business relationships with global Fortune 500 companies.

Vendor overview


March May Ltd.


Eaton Socon, England


Manufacturer of Centrifugal & Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

Products and services:

Centrifugal pumps, Magnetic Drive pumps, Mechanical Seal pumps, Atex pumps, Self priming pumps, Rotary Vane pumps, DC powered pumps, Horizontal Multistage pumps, Gear pumps, Submersible pumps, Turbine pumps, Jet pumps, Air Motor pumps, Condensate pumps, Vertical Inline pumps etc.


Case study

March May Ltd.

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