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scoutbee is a global company specializing in Smarter Supplier Discovery. Founded in 2015 by German procurement and operational experts, scoutbee’s AI-powered supplier discovery suite helps procurement leaders scout and connect with new suppliers to fulfill strategic sourcing cases faster. Procurement leaders can discover new suppliers to innovate products and improve time to market. Suppliers can broaden opportunities to identify new buyers for products to drive revenue and growth.

Customers come from various industries, such as automotive, machinery building, chemical and food processing as well as retail and consumer electronics. scoutbee is operating worldwide with offices located in Washington D.C., Berlin and Würzburg.

We will help you find new sales opportunities for your product portfolio and easily contact and connect with relevant prospects, free of charge. We enable you to respond to RFIs before they get published. And, once your profile is part of the scoutbee discovery suite, you can have better transparency and communication with top companies and world-class OEMs every day.

Information submitted to scoutbee is secure and only used for the purpose of the invited RFI. Information entered into the scoutbee discovery suite will not be used for marketing purposes, offered to third parties nor offered to other clients in future RFIs, unless first agreed by the supplier.

Scouting demand is a managed supplier sourcing service powered by scoutbee’s Streamline. It allows to run end-to-end sourcing projects fast: from discovery and identification, through RFI assessment all the way to cross-team collaboration, RFP – all within one single platform.

scoutbee’s supplier discovery suite offers buyers and suppliers a simple process for automating the manual stages of supplier discovery and validation. One of scoutbee’s discovery suite features, Streamline, matches suppliers with potential buyers and provides a simple system to communicate and collaborate on sourcing demands.

Using Streamline, you can apply for sourcing demands, exchange documents such as NDAs and Drawings, and communicate directly with the respective buyers to speed up the tendering process. scoutbee focuses on automating the manual buyer/supplier discovery, identification and validation process and supports existing RFI, RFP, NDA or price negotiation technologies.

scoutbee offers all suppliers 24/7 live communication through our online chat system. The chat is available through any stage of the Streamline process. With an average response time of 5 minutes, it is faster than any other form of communication with a scoutbee team member.

Technical data for a sourcing case will be provided once the customer has chosen to collaborate with your company. In the early stages of a sourcing case, a response to technical information and pricing will not be required. We only need to determine your interest in participating and what capabilities qualify your company’s involvement in this sourcing case.