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scoutbee brings a new simplicity to Digital Global Sourcing. Save time, and reduce global sourcing costs with state of the art tools designed for purchasers by purchasers!

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Be found by thousands of potential purchasers across the globe with your own company profile, or simply showcase your qualities by applying for an RFP that suits your services.

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Driving success in the digital b2b global market

Our customers range from the smallest SME, to the largest OEM’s, and whether it’s to maximise sales, minimise costs or to source faster, they define their success, we help them get there.

Wilsmann Maschinenbau GmbH

“scoutbee verified our high customer satisfaction and connects us to hundreds of purchasers worldwide. With a profile on the scoutbee platform we have access to state-of-the-art web technology without spending a fortune on web optimization and advertisement.”

Frederik Hüser, Managing Director

Pentacon GmbH

“The scoutbee team maintains one of the best Industrial B2B networks worldwide. They connect our business to OEMs in the Automotive and Drive Technology industry. Pentacon is a high quality company that needed a high quality gateway. We finally found it with scoutbee.”

Michael Bledau, Managing Director


The 24/7 Digital Industrial B2B Platform

Find and get found by 1000's of potential new local and global business partners
who are searching right now.

Verification you can trust

Verification you
can trust

Our verification systems provide the highest quality of authenticity providing that all important factor for both Suppliers & Buyers, Trust!

Minimised Qualification Costs: Save time and money, we have already completed many of your standardised checks.

Greater Sales: Our trusted verification processes increase the confidence of buyers to choose you ahead of your competitor.

High Quality
Rfp System

Our centralised RFP system provides the fastest way to secure new suppliers, or find that next big Sale!

Simple & Fast Management: Your own purchaser dashboard allows you to create and manage RFP's, for free.

Increased Buying Leads: See all of those Sales opportunities for the first time and apply for them directly.

Global Sourcing made simple

Global Sourcing made simple

We provide the most powerful tools, online experience and support to increase the success of suppliers and buyers in the global marketplace.

Unique Search Filters: We minimise the time it takes to search for a supplier by giving search filters designed for purchasers by purchasers.

Powerful Supplier Profiles: ur supplier and product profiles are designed to give you the most powerful online presence and increase your sales.

Don’t miss out on potential customers. Add your business to scoutbee for free.
You define success. We’ll help you get there.


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