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Scout Suppliers. Place Demands. Collaborate.

scoutbee is an AI-driven platform that connects you with suppliers from all over the world. That way we enable you to facilitate your sourcing processes and master your daily challenges with ease. From fast supplier scouting to crucial cost savings, scoutbee is your companion for all global sourcing tasks.

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3 Reasons to Scout Suppliers with scoutbee

Simplify Your Processes

With scoutbee you can manage all of your sourcing demands in one place, supported with the power of AI to ensure results. One simple process. Efficient. Effective. Done.

Save Substantial Time and Costs

scoutbee's unique data-driven process significantly improves sourcing results and operational efficiency, delivering substantial time and cost savings.

Focus on What Really Matters

scoutbee drives out redundancies in procurement allowing you the time to focus on key operational goals, from supporting product innovation to building a better tomorrow.

How It Works

Backed by Big Data

scoutbee’s central database has over 9 billion data points, gathered continually through the mining of dozens of high quality data sources. We analyze up to 10 TB of data weekly deriving key insights into the relationships between 14 million companies, their customers, and the preferred sources of over 3,400 OEMs worldwide.

Backed By Big Data

Driven by AI

scoutbee’s AI engine ARTIMIS uses world class machine learning to deliver fully automated supplier suggestions for sourcing demands in minutes. It can benchmark existing suppliers from their sourcing behavior with your competition and find new products and suppliers without language barriers.

Simplified in the Cloud

No software required. No implementation costs. Data science doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Our system is designed to be easily implemented and usable by any member of your team.

Simplified in the Cloud

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