the scoutbee intelligence platform

The smarter, AI-driven way to innovate and optimize your suppliers

With cutting-edge technology like AI and knowledge graphs, you can optimize your procurement technology investments by gleaning actionable insights and intelligent supplier data.

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Get a comprehensive view of your supplier landscape

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Enable rapid decision making

by aggregating, visualizing, and enriching all supplier data in one user-friendly interface.

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Save time and effort

on manual data entry, and allow your procurement teams to focus on strategic work with up-to-date supplier information.

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Faster time to market

by enabling you to find new and innovative suppliers quickly and efficiently.

Unlock supplier data value with our robust data foundation

Scoutbee starts by collecting data from various sources within your landscape, including data from internal customer systems and third-party sources. We also use web crawlers to scour the internet, including supplier websites, to extract relevant data using machine learning (ML) models. The data is collected in a secure manner to ensure the privacy and security of your data.

Value from data integrations


Custom plug and play framework

With Scoutbee’s custom plug and play framework, you can easily view and use 3rd-party data related to risk, ESG, diversity, and much more.


Easy API integrations

API that you can use to create demands on the Scoutbee Intelligence Platform and get a list of potential suppliers.


BYOD (Bring Your Own Data)

If you have data sources outside Scoutbee’s network, you can use our platform for flexibility in data consumption.

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Get up-to-date insights on existing and new suppliers

The AI-powered Scoutbee Intelligence Platform provides comprehensive data on new and existing suppliers, with user-friendly visualizations.
  • Complete supplier profiles: Get a complete picture of each supplier, including financials, products, capabilities, diversity, ESG data, and much more.

  • Customizable insights: Get the information that matters most to you, tailored to your specific requirements including risk, spend, contracts, and more.

  • Up-to-date supplier information: Regular updates ensure you always have the latest information.

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Compare new suppliers with existing ones

Conveniently select attributes like revenue, capabilities, certifications, sustainability, and more, to visualize how new suppliers stack up against your existing ones.
  • Meaningful supplier comparisons: Quickly compare your existing and potential suppliers to make informed decisions that meet your needs.

  • Intuitive comparison: Organize and structure your suppliers effectively with an intuitive and user-friendly comparison tool.

  • All-in-one function: Access all relevant data for different suppliers gathered and displayed in one place.