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At Scoutbee, we believe that a collective vision is the only way to make an impact. As a company that develops procurement software solutions, we’re passionate about making a difference in the industry and in the way companies manage their supply chains.  

We believe that by working together as a team towards a common goal, we can build something much greater than the sum of its parts. That’s why we strive to create an environment where our employees can take ownership of their careers, stay relevant in the industry, and continuously keep learning.

We foster a culture of open communication and cross-team collaboration, where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to our shared vision of “Better data. Better decisions. Better world.” 


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Meet our Hive


Our Software and DevOps Engineering teams are fundamental to our mission of providing smart and secure procurement solutions to our customers. From ideation to deployment and beyond, these teams are responsible for the development and scaling of our existing and newly released products with a clearly identified roadmap, using agile techniques, tools, and methodologies.

In good company

Our benefits

Virtual Stock Options

We allocate virtual stock options to all permanent team members - because ownership matters at all levels.

Relocation Support

We provide financial relocation support and a partner to guide you through the first steps in your new home - because we want to make your move as smooth as possible.

Results first, location second

We work in a hybrid model, also allowing temporary work from abroad - because each task or project requires a different level of collaboration, focus, or setting.

Health & Happiness

We promote healthy lifestyles by offering gym memberships, mental health counseling, and team sports from beach volleyball to running - because life is more than just work.

Professional growth

We work together to align opportunities at Scoutbee with your career goals, and our benefits support continuous learning through an individual development budget, clear role and level expectations, and access to language training and high-level industry experts - because we want you to leave Scoutbee smarter and definitely wiser than when you started.

Part of a wider Network

We are part of a network of startups in our investor portfolio, sharing knowledge, benefiting from each other’s products, and keeping up to date with market trends - because we want to make sure you have first-hand access to a wide range of benefits and opportunities.

Own your career


  • Take the lead We don’t have a blueprint for the steps you’ll take with us over the next few years. For us, learning and career development is something very individual. That’s why, when you join us, we’ll work together to align opportunities at Scoutbee with your career goals. We’ll support your learning journey with the right tools and processes to get feedback, review and expand your skills and performance, and contribute to our OKRs. The bi-annual development meetings are the icing on the cake, as this is where integration, goal setting, and review take place.
  • Unlock your potential A professional coach can sometimes be the missing ingredient in unlocking great potential. A coach can help with personalized feedback, developing strategies to overcome challenges, and discovering and using your innate skills and strengths to achieve your goals and reach your full potential. We just wanted to make sure we had that ingredient too!
  • Never stop learning We believe that investing in the individual development of our employees not only benefits them, but also creates a culture of innovation and creativity. That’s why we offer individual development budgets as a benefit to all of our employees. With this development budget, each individual has the opportunity to continue their education, learn new skills, attend conferences, earn certifications, and take their career to the next level.


Diversity, inclusion and belonging

We like to bring people together from all walks of life, knowing that we can create something powerful and unique. We love seeing our colleagues bond over their different backgrounds and cultures, and we enjoy the creative energy that comes from having such a diverse team.

The culture at Scoutbee is really friendly, open, and diverse. The people who work at Scoutbee have very interesting backgrounds and always bring their best selves to work. Everyone is treated as an equal (as it should be) and there is freedom to express yourself.”  Anonymous quote from our last engagement survey

Curious about the Hive?

Our employees’ voices

As Director of Strategy, Process & Planning, the value of excellence is a natural for me. It’s a mindset that drives my passion to take advantage of opportunities, or understand the root cause of any problem and effectively solve it. For me, excellence means challenging the status quo and creating the best results I can for our customers, colleagues, and partners.
Richard HollowayDirector of Strategy, Process & Planning
Collective consciousness is not just a value, it’s a way of life at Scoutbee. I particularly enjoy working with other teams and seeing their unique perspectives on our customers’ pain points and then coming up with innovative solutions, while creating a seamless and delightful experience for them. Being guided by this value, we have been able to stay in sync and pursue our collective vision and goal.
Veronika KalashnikovaEvents Marketing Manager
One of the most striking aspects of working at Scoutbee is the recognition of diversity as central to its culture. People of very different backgrounds, speaking multiple languages, find themselves at home in the company’s “hive”. Beyond trying to be successful individually, the prevalent feeling at Scoutbee is that the teams work hard to be successful together, for each other. Working here reminds me of a Mariam Kaba quote: “Why be a star when you can make a constellation?” (We Do This ‘Til We Free Us)
Dr. Cristina Stanca-MusteaCustomer Operations Manager